Mohegan Casino Wilkes Barre

Allan Erlick & Richard Wilk were featured in a 2004 episode of 'The Casino' - Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas

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Richard Wilk (Vegas Casino Host from the Vegas Doc) Interview



Richard Wilk, the high-rolling casino host to many of Vegas' biggest whales, has granted an interview to a channel on Youtube (a 2-part special). He discusses in great depth his life, Vegas, the business and the characters that populated our screens beside him in the hit documentary 'Gambling in Las Vegas' starring Louis Theroux. It's a great listen and a lot of questions that the community has about the show and it's stars are answered definitively by the man of the moment. Enjoy!

Part 1 - 'An Interview With...Richard Wilk: Star of Louis Theroux - Gambling In Las Vegas (Part One)'
Part 2 - 'An Interview With...Richard Wilk: Star of Louis Theroux - Gambling In Las Vegas (Part Two)'
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Wilkes Barre Hotel near Mohegan Sun Casino

For whatever reason your travel plans have you in need of a hotel in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania – whether it’s business or pleasure or you’re just passing the area – the best place to stay for luxury at its finest along with affordable prices anyone would like is Fairfield Inn and Suites Wilkes-Barre.

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I recommend it frequently to those seeking hotels near Mohegan Sun Casino at Pocono Downs. That facility is now usually referred to as Mohegan Sun Pocono and features thousands of slot machines, on-site racing and a lot more. It’s a gambler’s paradise and an attraction in its own right for anyone who enjoys experiencing and participating in the high life.

I also like to mention this property when people are seeking a Marriott hotel in Wilkes Barre PA. While there isn’t a Marriott branded hotel in the area, this Fairfield Inn is part of the Marriott family of brands and offers excellence at every turn, just as you would expect from this well-respected and longstanding hotel company.

My hope is that you will select the Fairfield Inn and Suites no matter why you’re traveling in Pennsylvania. When you arrive, you may just find it’s the best overall value you’ve ever experienced hotels – and it’s certainly the best value in the region.

Wilkes-Barre PA travelers deserve the best – luxury at an affordable price. Why not make the great decision to stay in affordable comfort where the smart travelers stay. My advice to stay at the Fairfield Inn will prove itself to you, so why not book now?
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Ithica/Finger Lakes: Wine Trail, Casino and Hiking Trail Recommendations

My parents are taking a trip up to Ithica/Finger Lakes area next weekend.
They don’t have much of a plan besides they want to do a Wine Trail, 1 Hiking Trail (the best one) and a Casino. Any views that are around the area too are appreciated.
ALSO: They don’t really know where to stay as it’s a big area. So any recommendations that is cnetralized to be in the best location to do all of this stuff is helpful too.
This is what I was able to gather for them (if any are better let me know, or if any of these are a good recommendation, let me know also)
Wine Trail: Seneca Wine Trail (with a dinner cruise on the lake??)
Hiking Trail: 7 Tubs Area in Pinchot State Forrest in Wilkes-Barre, Watkins Glen George Trail,
Casino: Del Lago (in Geneva) and Turning Stone (1.5 hour drive)
Views: Ithica Falls Nature Area, Buttermilk Falls State Park
Thanks a lot!! Hoping to be able to relay the recommendations so my parents can have a great time!! :)
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[Spoilers] How the Byrdes have positively or negatively affected all the other people in the show.

Back in S1E01, Marty came very close to being killed by Del. If he had died then, there is also a good chance that Wendy would have been killed too. Charlotte and Jonah I think would have been spared. Good news for them is that it looked like the Byrdes were doing pretty well financially, they would have gotten millions of dollars of cash/assets in inheritance.
So that's what didn't happen. But Del did not kill Marty, and so the Byrdes moved to the Ozarks and pretty much fucked up the lives of every single person they encountered.
Here is my subjective list of outcomes for all the other characters the Byrdes have met over the 3 seasons of Ozark, and some notes about how the Byrdes have affected their lives.
GOOD: Buddy Dieker (he's dead but he was gonna die anyway, made a friend in Jonah, had some fun before he died rather than just dying alone in his house) Sam Dermody (well paying job, met a girl, more self confidence) Omar Navarro (they won him a drug war) Carl Knarlson (lost his business, but got paid, and lost his shitty wife)
Jim Rattelsdorf (true neutral, so far) Ruth Langmore (lot of good and bad here, I could see people placing her in "bad" overall so far) Rachel Garrison (failing business to running away rich, emotional damage) Harry (they saved his failing funeral home, but now he's somewhat wrapped up in the whole mess) Nelson (almost true neutral, but I don't think he liked having to kill Helen, Sue) Frank Cosgrove Sr. (lots of headaches, but lots of new business too)
Tuck (where's Rachel?) John Nix (Byrdes just an overall pain in the ass) Charles Wilkes (same as above) Maya Miller (same as above, her integrity beginning to crumble) Trevor Evans (this dude's a mess) Darlene Snell (lost her husband, autonomy of the region) Three Langmore (lost his dad, uncles) Wyatt Langmore (lost his dad, uncles, met a cute girlfriend though) Erin Pierce (found out her mom is a criminal, and now she's dead) Frank Cosgrove Jr. (RIP his tiny penis)
Cade Langmore (probably end up dead or in jail anyway though) Jacob Snell (was pretty old already, didn't seem too beat up about being killed by his wife) Sue Shelby (looked really old, and that fuckin car) Ben Davis (okay let's be honest, this dude just assaulted a high school groundskeeper, how long do you think he could've stayed out of jail/an institution by himself?) Roy Petty (this guy was pretty messed up already) Russ Langmore (already a petty criminal, but sad) Boyd Langmore (same as his brother, but more innocent) Anita Knarlson (would've just watched her husband run a failing casino otherwise though) Garcia (was living that good evil henchman life) Ash (same as above) Del (he seemed to be doing okay in general) Helen Pierce (things a little shaky, she got waterboarded, but probably would be alive for much longer) Eugenia Dermody (eh fuck this bitch) Bobby Dean (this dude had a pretty chill life with his pregnant and ugly strippers) Gary Silverberg (dude was happiest he'd ever been, according to his son) Grace Young (I still think it was mostly Mason's fault, she tried to warn him) Mason Young (this dude's life got FUCKED. UP.)
As you can see, that list of DEAD and BAD is a lot longer than GOOD or even NEUTRAL. The Byrdes have done a whole lot of damage since they moved from Chicago, maybe it would have been better off if Marty and/or Wendy just died back then? In season 4, with the Byrdes and the cartel on one side, and the Langmores/Darlene/KC mob on the other, is it really that easy and obvious for you to cheer for the main characters?
Don't get me wrong, I think Marty's great, and the kids are mostly all right, and Wendy - eh. But I'd take Ruth and Wyatt over all of 'em, and while it almost certainly will be the case that Ruth realigns with Marty somewhere down the line, if it doesn't and they stay at war, I'm for Team KEEP IT LOCAL baby.
edit: forgot Buddy! Definitely one in the good category.
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Deadliest Mass/Spree Shootings by U.S. State (PLEASE UPDATE IF INFO IS OUTDATED!)

  1. ALABAMA: Various locations in Coffee and Geneva Counties, March 10, 2009 (11 dead including the gunman, 6 injured)
  2. ALASKA: Fairbanks, Manley Hot Springs, and along the Tanana River, April 28–May 19, 1984 (10 dead including the gunman, 1 injured)
  3. ARIZONA: Waddell Buddhist temple, August 9, 1991 (9 dead)
  4. ARKANSAS: Various locations in Dover and Russellville, December 22–28, 1987 (8 dead, 4 injured; 8 others killed by strangulation or drowning)
  5. CALIFORNIA: San Ysidro McDonald's, July 18, 1984 (22 dead including the gunman, 19 injured)
  6. COLORADO: Columbine High School, April 20, 1999 (15 dead including both gunmen, 24 injured)
  7. CONNECTICUT: Sandy Hook Elementary School and gunman's home, December 14, 2012 (28 dead including the gunman, 2 injured)
  8. DELAWARE: Prices Corner home, July 9 or 10, 2018 (5 dead including the gunman)
  9. FLORIDA: Pulse nightclub, June 12, 2016 (50 dead including the gunman, 58 injured)
  10. GEORGIA: Atlanta day trading firms, July 29, 1999 (10 dead including the gunman, 13 injured; 3 others killed by bludgeoning in past two days)
  11. HAWAII: Honolulu Xerox office, November 2, 1999 (7 dead)
  12. IDAHO: Various locations in Moscow, January 10, 2015 (3 dead, 1 injured)
  13. ILLINOIS: Tie between Lincoln Park garage, February 14, 1929; and Palatine Brown's Chicken, January 8, 1993 (7 dead each)
  14. INDIANA: Indianapolis home, June 1, 2006 (7 dead)
  15. IOWA: Tie between Algona home, December 30, 1987 (7 dead including the gunman); and two Sioux City homes, c. August 31, 2001 (7 dead)
  16. KANSAS: Winfield concert, August 13, 1903 (10 dead including the gunman, 25+ injured)
  17. KENTUCKY: Standard Gravure, September 14, 1989 (9 dead including the gunman, 12 injured)
  18. LOUISIANA: Various locations in New Orleans, December 31, 1972, and January 7, 1973 (10 dead including the gunman, 13 injured)
  19. MAINE: Two Madison homes, July 5, 2017 (4 dead including the gunman, 1 injured)
  20. MARYLAND: Capital Gazette office, June 28, 2018 (5 dead, 2 injured)
  21. MASSACHUSETTS: Edgewater Technology, December 26, 2000 (7 dead)
  22. MICHIGAN: Various locations in Grand Rapids, July 7, 2011 (8 dead including the gunman, 2 injured)
  23. MINNESOTA: Red Lake Senior High School and gunman's home, March 21, 2005 (10 dead including the gunman, 5 injured)
  24. MISSISSIPPI: Three Lincoln County homes, May 27, 2017 (8 dead, gunman injured)
  25. MISSOURI: Four Tyrone homes, February 26, 2015 (8 dead including the gunman, 1 injured)
  26. MONTANA: Emerald Casino, December 17, 2019 (4 dead including the gunman, 1 injured)
  27. NEBRASKA: Various locations in Lincoln and Bennet, December 1, 1957–January 29, 1958 (10 dead; 1 other killed in Wyoming)
  28. NEVADA: Route 91 Harvest festival and Mandalay Bay, October 1, 2017 (59 dead including the gunman, 869 injured)
  29. NEW HAMPSHIRE: Various locations in Colebrook, August 19, 1997 (4 dead; 4 others injured in Vermont)
  30. NEW JERSEY: Various locations in Camden, September 6, 1949 (13 dead, 3 injured)
  31. NEW YORK: Binghamton immigration center, April 3, 2009 (14 dead including the gunman, 4 injured)
  32. NEW MEXICO: South Valley home, January 19, 2013 (5 dead)
  33. NORTH CAROLINA: Carthage nursing home, March 29, 2009 (8 dead, 3 injured including the gunman)
  34. NORTH DAKOTA: Turtle Lake farm, April 22, 1920 (8 dead)
  35. OHIO: Hamilton home, March 30, 1975 (11 dead)
  36. OKLAHOMA: Edmond post office, August 20, 1986 (15 dead including the gunman, 6 injured)
  37. OREGON: Umpqua Community College, October 1, 2015 (10 dead including the gunman, 8 injured)
  38. PENNSYLVANIA: Various locations in Wilkes-Barre and Jenkins Township, September 25, 1982 (13 dead, 1 injured)
  39. RHODE ISLAND: Westerly apartment complex, December 19, 2019 (2 dead including the gunman, 2 injured)
  40. SOUTH CAROLINA: Charleston black church, June 17, 2015 (9 dead, 1 injured)
  41. SOUTH DAKOTA: Sisseton home, November 22, 2014 (4 dead including the gunman, 1 injured)
  42. TENNESSEE: Two military installations in Chattanooga, July 16, 2015 (6 dead including the gunman, 2 injured)
  43. TEXAS: Sutherland Springs church, November 5, 2017 (27 dead including the gunman, 20 injured)
  44. UTAH: Salina POW camp, July 8, 1945 (9 dead, 19 injured)
  45. VERMONT: Two locations in Berlin, August 7, 2015 (4 dead)
  46. VIRGINIA: Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007 (33 dead including the gunman, 23 injured)
  47. WASHINGTON, D.C.: Washington Navy Yard, September 16, 2013 (13 dead including the gunman, 8 injured)
  48. WASHINGTON STATE: Seattle Chinese gambling club, February 19, 1983 (13 dead, 1 injured)
  49. WEST VIRGINIA: Various locations around Morgantown, December 1, 2014 (5 dead including the gunman)
  50. WISCONSIN: Brookfield church, March 12, 2005 (8 dead including the gunman, 4 injured)
  51. WYOMING: Cheyenne senior apartment complex, September 14, 2016 (2 dead including the gunman, 2 injured)
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Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas - Where they are now

"Gambling in Las Vegas" is my favorite Louis Theroux documentary, and I end up watching it every few years. Youtube keeps taking it down, but you can still find it here:
I've always been curious about what happened to each of the gamblers. For context, this documentary was filmed in 2006, so it was a few years before the financial crisis. I did a lot of research and this is what I found:
Allan Erlick. The high roller from Toronto who lost over $250k during his trip. His company Bedford Furniture was sold off in 2009, likely as a result of his gambling debts and the economic downturn. There was a rumor a few years ago that he was driving for Uber. He seems to be keeping a low profile and can't be found on social media.
Tim Nordahl & John Salem. The two salesman who went on a weekend bender playing blackjack. Both live in Arizona and look to be doing just fine. John runs a drug and alcohol rehab called Fountain Hills Recovery.
Dr. Martha Ogman. A retired dentist who has lost millions on the slots. Martha is now 92 years old and still lives in the same community featured in the documentary.
Richard Wilk. The high roller handler. He works for a different casino now, but still handles high rollers and celebrities. He's very active on social media:
Dan Rodgers aka "Dan the man". I can't find any information on this guy. I think he may have actually been an actor working for the casino. If you rewatch the scene it's pretty fishy. Louis goes up 50% turning his $3k into $4.5k and Dan cuts off the game. Dan was the only winner featured in the documentary, and I think the casino was trying to sell the idea that not everyone loses. If anyone knows who this guy actually is I would love to know.
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[SPOILERS] S2E2 - Wendy's character is written inconsistent

Wendy Byrd's morals are not written consistently in this show.
In the first season Wendy was having an affair, she was not only cheating on Marty she was quick to take the money out of his account. In season 2e02 she had no qualms about blackmailing and extorting a politician to get the bill passed.
However, when Wilkes wanted her to have sex with him so the bill could pass, Wendy got all moral and refused. It's later hinted that Marty would have actually have been okay with it and Wendy even seemed a little upset at Marty for asking "well, did you do it?"
So Wendy is willing to cheat on Marty and risk her family for free but when it comes to passing a bill for a casino (which will ultimately save her family's life), and with Marty's approval she wasn't willing to do it? This makes no sense.
EDIT: Whoo boy, I didn't anticipate this much butthurt over my post. Keep it coming. 🙂 Also, obligatory tnx4thegold
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[Meet Report] USAPL Northeast Regional Championships - Norwich, CT (707.5kg @ 89.5kg | 452.952 Wilks - 35)

Background and Training
Meet Prep
For a taper, I just followed the RTS intermediate program. I had a week to spare, so I did the 9th week of the program, which included basically a mock-meet format Monday and Friday leading up to a week out. I hit a 575 squat, and 335 bench on the Friday, but had nothing in the tank and only (barely) hit a 625 deadlift, even though I Monday I'd smoked it. The week prior to the meet, I went in on Wednesday to the gym and worked up to 2x3 at 315 on the squat, and 225 on the bench.
I didn't have a handler.
The Lifts
Final thoughts
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What family is the Chicago Outfit?

What is the "Family name" of the Chicago Outfit?
As seen below almost all the mafias have a "family name".
New York The Five Families – operate in New York City, the New York Metropolitan area, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, California and Nevada.[2] Bonanno Colombo Gambino Genovese Lucchese Western New York
Buffalo crime family (Magaddino family) Rochester crime family – defunct New Jersey DeCavalcante crime family Pennsylvania Philadelphia crime family (Bruno family) Bufalino crime family (Pittston, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton and the Wyoming Valley area) – nearly defunct Pittsburgh crime family (LaRocca family) New England Patriarca crime family (Boston/Providence and Connecticut areas) Midwestern United States Illinois Chicago Outfit Michigan Detroit Partnership (Zerilli family) Missouri Kansas City crime family (Civella family) St. Louis crime family (Giordano family) Ohio Cleveland crime family (Porrello family) Wisconsin Milwaukee crime family (Balistrieri family) Southern United States Alabama Birmingham crime family – defunct since 1938[4] Florida Trafficante crime family (Tampa area) - possibly defunct, Florida is considered open territory with many families operating in the area. The Chicago Outfit - is operating in South Florida The Five Families of New York have crews operating in South Florida Bonanno crime family – is operating in South Florida [5] Colombo crime family's Florida faction – is operating in South Florida Gambino crime family's Florida faction – is operating in South Florida and the Tampa Bay Area. Genovese crime family – is operating in South Florida. See soldier Albert Facchiano [6] Lucchese crime family – is operating in South Florida and Central Florida Counties of Pasco and Pinellas.[7] Decalvacante crime family - Florida faction is operating in Miami. Louisiana New Orleans crime family (Marcello family) – nearly defunct Texas Dallas crime family (Civello family) – defunct Houston crime family – defunct Western United States California Dragna crime family (Los Angeles area) - most likely defunct San Francisco crime family (Lanza family) – defunct[8] San Jose crime family (Cerrito family) – defunct [9] Nevada Las Vegas is considered open territory allowing all crime families to operate in the city's Casinos. Since the 1930s, the Los Angeles families, the Five Families of New York and the Midwest families have owned and operated in Casinos in the Las Vegas Strip.
See: Mobsters in Las Vegas Colorado Denver crime family (Smaldone family) Washington Seattle crime family (Colacurcio family)[10]
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[SPOILER] Theory: Marty is going to run for governor.

I think that S3 will see the casino successful and that results in freeing up the day-to-day laundering issues for the Byrdes. Wendy is definitely thinking about what she wants next. The cartel is going to see the community influence of the Byrdes continue to grow. Wilkes isn't going anywhere as a character and the Kansas City mob is the most immediate threat going into next season-- two different factions that the Byrdes will have to figure out how to resolve. Wilkes has influence, power, money and wants to keep Missouri a right-to-work state in order to profit off of it but the Byrdes are going to have to give the Kansas City mob their promises union jobs. We've already seen Wilkes and Wendy start to square off a bit and I think that is only going to grow. The only way to out-play Wilkes will be to at least match him in influence and power. The big way to do that and keep the mob from blowing up everything else you own? Tell Kansas City their jobs will be there once Marty wins his gubernatorial campaign. Helen is already hinting that the cartel wouldn't mind seeing what the Byrdes want to do with their community status and they for sure wouldn't mind having a governor in their pockets. Plus, Marty would be basically terrible at this so it would be fun to watch. :)
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[Meet Report] USAPL Northeast Regional Championships - Norwich, CT (707.5kg @ 89.5kg | 452.952 Wilks/683.60 IPF points - 35M)

Background and Training
Meet Prep
For a taper, I just followed the RTS intermediate program. I had a week to spare, so I did the 9th week of the program, which included basically a mock-meet format Monday and Friday leading up to a week out. I hit a 575 squat, and 335 bench on the Friday, but had nothing in the tank and only (barely) hit a 625 deadlift, even though I Monday I'd smoked it. The week prior to the meet, I went in on Wednesday to the gym and worked up to 2x3 at 315 on the squat, and 225 on the bench.
I didn't have a handler.
The Lifts
Final thoughts
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My Assassin’s Creed Wishlist

Ive made an easier list below, and a way more in depth after that
  1. 70’s Era Blaxploitation Film set in Harlem/Cali
  2. Modern Day Mexico and South America, assassinating drug lords
  3. Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire
  4. Russian Revolution
  5. Mars colony in the future
  6. Dynastic/Gunpowder Age China
  7. Indian Empire
  8. War on Terrorism in Iraq
  9. English colonization of Australia
  10. Balkans and Ottoman Empire during Skënderbeu’s Rebellion
  11. Greaser Assassins vs Soc Templars in Urban 50’s America
  12. World War 1
  13. Holocaust and World War 2
  14. 80’s Beverly Hills High School Coming-of-Age Movie: Karate Kid
  15. The British Isles during Medieval Times
  16. Roman Republic/Empire
  17. Go to a drug lord’s secret chinese island for the cia under the guise of a martial arts contender in his yearly contest (Enter the Dragon: The Game)
  18. Noir Gangland, NYC during Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Prohibition Era, Great Depression
  19. Mongolian Empire
  20. Zombie apocalypse set in Canada (for the snow)
  21. Cold War in Moscow, Berlin, London, Dallas, Cuba
  22. All of North Korean history
  23. Feudal/Empirical Japan
  24. Slasher film genre set in the 80’s with you as detective
  25. Ancient Greece
  26. A Modern Day Criminal Underworld (like John Wick)
  27. American Civil War
  28. Vietnam War
  29. Viking Age in Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada
  30. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland (Mad Max)
  31. Wild West and California Gold Rush
Assassin’s Creed: Blaxploitation
Fight against the system as a black brotha (afro hoods, white templars, 70’s Harlem/Cali) just kidding keep scrolling
Assassin’s Creed: Cartel
Assassinate Mexican cartel drug lords. Kind of like Sicario. Parkour through Rio roofs.
Assassin’s Creed: Conquest
You are an eagle warrior in your Aztec community, fighting off rival natives. In your travels, you meet an old man who claims to know about the assassins that came with Columbus. You go meet the assassins and learn their ways in order to defeat the rivals. You learn that conquistador Templars have taken over the expeditions and plan to invade the city of Tenochtitlan. You later visit the seer Nezahualpilli and his omens confirm your fears. You gather your faces and defend your people against the conquistadors. However, the city still falls and surrenders. You fight against Cortez’s forces. You have to defend in the Massacre of Cholula and meet Moctezuma. You are forced to leave your homeland, living in the shadows and assassinating the Spanish from afar. Weapons include macuahuitl, atlatl, javelins, war bow, slings, poisonous blowguns, spear, tomahawk, club, knife, toledo sword, lances, arquebus, crossbows, hidden obsidian dagger. Aztec instruments. You're Eagle assassin outfit consists of a beaked helmet and a long feathered cloak. Quests include scalping Templars, assassinating Templars, saving children, defending the city, stealing weapons, capturing enemies, fighting rivals, looting missionaries, saving Aztecs from slavery and punishment after the colonization. You can climb palaces and boats and temples and pyramids and hunt jaguars. You can also assassinate Pizarro.
Assassin’s Creed: Czar
You are a Cossack assassin during the Russian Empire’s last days. You notice that Nicholas II is keeping people under his complete total rule. You organize revolution in order to restart the Russian government. You assassinate the czar and the czardom is over. You fight in the February and October Revolution. Weapons include bear spear, pick, fork, knout, shashka, falchion, karabela, morningstar, broad axe, sovnya, khanjali, crossbow, and hidden blade. You can climb up the colorful spiral towers in St Petersburg. You can hunt bear in the frozen wilderness. You lead the revolution. Classical orchestra music. You wear a traditional Cossack cavalry uniform with a Russian ushanka. Name could be Zaroff and you can own some hounds.
Assassin’s Creed: Deep Space/Colony
You are an Astronaut Assassin of the Fifth Colony of Mars in 2118. Most of the population of Earth (due to polluted and cancerous air) live in the Fifth Colony, with interplanetary travel being common. The Outer Space Treaty was violated by the New Templars, reformed by the Templar Grandmaster and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, when you find that they have made a secret hidden moonbase. The New Templars have been building a WMD. You have to infiltrate the moonbase, kill space Templars, and travel the planets in your spaceship shaped like the assassin’s creed symbol. Weapons include the hidden energy blade, lightsaber, blasters, sticky bombs, heat ray, freeze ray, sonic ray, shock ray, portal ray (easy exit, cool assassination, or to pull a Templar through so you won't alert the other guards, like pulling them into a haystack or bush), plasma grenade, lazer whip, power gauntlets (like Jacqui Briggs), circular saw, chainsword, atom slicer knife, harpoons, emp bow and arrow. Soundtrack would be electronic and space opera. You would wear an orange and white thin space suit like from the movie The Martian. The visor would be pointed and can move up and down around the glass like a hood. The astronauts cap is also pointed and the shredded cape would float in zero gravity. You wear a space walk jetpack and the exosuit can change depending on the planet, such as radiation resistant on Earth and thermal on Pluto, Mercury, etc. You can visit any of the terrestrial planets, as well as the kuiper and asteroid belt. Quests include redirecting meteors, assassinating space templars, collecting space trash, visiting a hermit on Pluto, destroy templar weapons, etc. Cool features include leap of faith into a blackhole and coming out of another. You can also climb colony bases and the asteroid belt in low/zero gravity. Danger in climbing in space is flying too high up instead of down. You can perform a floating assassination, and a portal assassination. Spaceship combat will be featured, basically like naval combat from AC4 but in three dimensions. The missions, arrows, distances, maps, and special locations would all be in-game as a JARVIS type AI inside of the assassin suit. Should be 3d if that is even possible. Based on Star Wars, Star Trek, The Martian, and other space operas.
Assassin’s Creed: Dynasty
You are a Chinese Assassin during Dynastic China. You have to assassinate Templars and parkour in the Forbidden City. Something about the Terracotta Soldiers. Weapons include the fire arrow launcher, deer horn knives, hidden sai, butterfly sword, chain whip, changdao, musket, claw sickle, bow and arrow, jian, oriental saber, shuang gou hook sword, chui mace, emeici darts, fire lance (like in mad max), guandao, staff, hand cannon, ji spear, black powder canister, meteor hammer, pump flamethrower, qiang spear, repeating crossbow, rope dart, nunchucks, wind and fire wheels, stinkpot (to clear an area of enemies and civilians), trebuchet, tonfa, branched sword, roped dragon beard hook, chinese axe, . Traditional chinese music. You wear a long hooded monk robes. You are trained by both Shaolin Temple monks and Assassins. Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger type parkour. Assassinate Zhang Fei
Assassin’s Creed: Empire
You are a tech support for Jk. You receive a mysterious caller, who orders you to use an Animus. You find out that you're ancestor is an Indian Assassin of the Indian Empire. You have to protect the townsfolk when the greedy Sultan wants to use a genie lamp to accomplish the goals of the Templars. Parkour in the Taj Mahal. Hidden katar, chakram, tiger claws, pata, etc. Traditional Indian music. You wear traditional robes plus a pointed turban. Kind of like the Aladdin movie which is the only thing I know about India
Assassin's Creed: Extremist
You are a US Marines Air Force SEALS CounterTerrorist Special Forces Black Ops Assassin during the War on Terrorism. ISIS is an Abstergo-funded organization. You have to defeat Abstergo and ISIS while at home and in the Middle East. Quests include defusing bombs, clearing an area, invading the homes of terrorists and assassinating them, foiling a terrorist plot, stopping Abstergo shipments, killing Templars, gathering intel, sniping ISIS, etc. You wear an army fatigue patterned cloak, a backpack, army boots, kevlar armor, and a strapped Army helmet with a tinted black visor. Weapons include grenades, flash bangs, smokes, AK’s, AR’s, sniper rifles, tactical knives, fireman axe, transparent riot shield, dual pistols, and hidden blade. Eagle vision works as night vision. TEMPLARS DID 9/11! You can assassinate people by jumping from a helicopter. You can also interrogate people in cutscenes. You can also use a drone as an eagle. Muslim prayers in the city and dramatic score for war. Winter soldier theme is an extra. Based on movies like American Sniper, Zero Dark Thirty, other war films.
Assassin’s Creed: First Fleet
You are an Aboriginal Australian. Weapons include the waddy club, the boomerang, barbed spears, hidden barbed spearhead. When the first fleet comes, an assassin aboard meets you and warns you of a devious plot back on England. The templars plan to take over the land forcefully from the Aborigines. You decide to buddy up with the englishman in order to stop the templar invasion. The story is split between the Englishman and the Aborigine, allowing you to switch between them in combat, or as backup, just like in GTA V. You eventually kill the Templar, along with his idea of invasion. Outback open world and docks. Enemy ship docking. Traditional aboriginal music. You wear traditional Aboriginal clothes. Assassinate kangaroos and koalas. Helix rift on the Great Emu War.
Assassin’s Creed: Gold Eagle
You are an Albanian assassin. When the Ottomans took over your homeland and stole you from your family, you became a janissary with Skenderbeu. You join his rebellion and leave the Ottomans to rejoin the Albanians and save it from invasion. You fight against the Ottoman to defend the “Land of the Eagles”. Weapons include the curved sword, pikes, axes, long curved sword, bow, javelin, cannons, maces, the hidden stacked blade. You can climb up the castle in Krujë. Outfit underneath is the traditional white linen robes, except the black and red embroidered vest is longer and more like an assassin’s cloak and an albanian eagle and the white cap points down to cover the face. On top is normal scale and chainmail armor and a ram headed helmet that shrouds the face. Open world mountains+castle parkour. Skenderbeu theme from the 1954 movie.
Assassin’s Creed: Greaser
You are a greaser Assassin, and you have 50’s gang fights against the soc Templars. Hidden comb. Based on The Outsiders, West Side Story, Grease, and any other 50’s greaser culture.
Assassin’s Creed: Great War
You are an Allied Assassin during the time of WW1. You hear that Franz Ferdinand will be assassinated by the Templars in hopes of starting a chain reaction leading to a global war, so you go to Bosnia. However, you fail to stop the Black Hand, a Serbian sub-section of Templars, and the archduke is assassinated, leading to the Great War. You can visit cities like London, Paris, Austria-Hungary, Berlin, Russia, and everywhere else in Europe. You enlist in the British army and you are sent to the trenches. Eagle vision can be used to see over the trenches. Weapons include the hidden bayonet, rifle for shooting and clubbing and stabbing, machine guns, grenades, mustard gas, shrapnel shell, mortars, artillery guns, flamethrowers, mines, barbed wire, trench knives, sabers, and pistols. Quests include retrieving a body for a grieving family in Britain, riding in u-boats, having dogfights in biplanes, using tanks, decoding things like the Zimmerman telegram, decorating no man’s land with mines and barbed wire, assassinate Templars, killing the Red Baron in a dogfight, and assassinate German generals. Eagle vision can be used to see enemies through mustard gas and also spot out mines on no man’s land. Your outfit is a black and grey assassin trench coat, including a gas mask connected to the hood, which allows you to go through the mustard gas. Trench assassination can happen where you jump into the trench like an air assassination and assassinate the German Templars. With a biplane you can do a leap of faith with a parachute, dogfight against other planes, or bombard cities. Trenches can also be looted after they have been mortared. Dunkirk and wonder woman theme.
Assassin’s Creed: Holocaust
You are a Polish Jew during the holocaust with Creed lineage. He takes the family heirlooms, his great grandfather’s cloak and blade, with him before Nazis take his mom and the rest of town. He follows them close behind as they are led on a train. The assassin jumps on the train and rides it to camp, without alerting the Nazis. He helps the camp prisoners. However, when trying to steal bread for his mom, a Nazi catches him and he is taken prisoner. Before he is gassed, he escapes and rescues the rest of them. Then he starts a rebellion amongst the prisoners and they burn down the camp. The assassin then goes into Germany as a spy, giving info to e Americans. Once he gets close to Hitler, the war is over. On a mission for personal revenge, he tracks down Hitler in the bunker and kills the whole room, making it look like suicide. Side quests: attack guards stealthily, steal food, find medicine in Berlin, assassinate high officials, help hide Jews, decode messages, learn attack plans. Can use hook blade across telephone wires. Weapons include hidden harpe (sword+hook), mines, hidden pistol, grenade, and rifle (shooting and clubbing). You can also go to Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor. German and jewish songs soundtrack. Based on stuff like Schindler’s List
Assassin’s Creed: Kingdom
You are a Knight of the Round Table, working for King Arthur (in AC, King Arthur should be real, but people think he is fake because of legends and exaggeration and Templars covered it up) as an assassin during Medieval times. The templars and their evil king work to oppress the commoners and gain more of England’s land. You have an assassin’s hood and cloak made of chain mail, and full metal plate armor like knights wear, or Robin Hood type clothes with a low pointed hat and feather. Horses can be ridden in the game and yours has chain mail. Many main quests include castle defense and castle invading. The ultimate goal is to gain more land for your benevolent kingdom, while fending off Templars, saracens, vikings, and huns. Weapons include the hidden broadsword, a huge sword which can retract into your metal armor, cavalry lances,longbows, crossbows, poleaxes, falchion, throwing burning tar jar, war hammer, boar spear, scimitar, throwing axe, cannon, trebuchet, maces, claymore. Eagles can be used to see over enemy castles and leaps of faiths would be from castle towers or cliffs. Side quests include jousting, killing Templars, retrieving stolen goods, saving people from witch trials, and protecting the common folk. When battling Templars, you can jump horse to horse by assassinating them. You can also be captured by the Templars and be put in the dungeons. Poison king’s goblets is another way to assassinate. Trumpeting sounds and the braveheart score. Based on Monty Python stuff, Braveheart, and typical knights in shining armor movies
Assassin’s Creed: Legion
Weapons include gladius, spatha, pilum, bow, slings, hidden pugio, javelin, crossbow, falx, dolabra, dart, onager, scissor, falcata. You are a gladiator, but you are bought out of slavery when an assassin spectator saw you face a bigger enemy through skill and stealth. You join the brotherhood and free the slaves of the Coliseum, freeing your mates. Then you become an Assassin Legionnaire to aid the republic. You have to face Hannibal and a bunch of elephants from the South. You can also assassinate Commodus. Gladiator soundtrack and elephant trumpeting. You wear the Russell Crowe Gladiator fit, or a Legionnaire’s armor. Based on Gladiator
Assassin’s Creed: Martial Arts
Literally just Enter the Dragon: The Game
Assassin’s Creed: Noir
You are an old weary assassin during the Roaring Twenties/Great Depression in NYC and Harlem. The main timeline (1920s-30s) is completely black and white like a noir film. In the past, you used to be a fun naive and stubborn young assassin. On one of your missions, you failed and accidentally revealed the location of your Brotherhood’s base to the Templars, leading to their deaths. Now, you live a solitary life drowned in alcohol and cigars and navigating the world of sex and crime. You decide to take one last mission from a sexy flapper lady for money. You have to use your parkour skills to find evidence and your detective skills to solve the murder of the flapper’s husband. You quickly link this to the mafia. You target many mafia members and corrupt Templar politicians. In the end, the flapper turned out to be a Templar and betrays you. You walk into a dining hall and twenty mobsters come out of the curtains and you get ambushed. A Scarface type battle ensues, but you are eventually put down by a shotgunner. In the present day, you get out of the Animus and realize that the Templar that killed you was one of the founders of Abstergo. You notice his picture in the hall and realize that Abstergo is Templar. You escape the building and assassinate everyone in your path, until you escape by the rooftops. You wear long trench coats and bowler hats, or long coat tail tuxedos with the assassin’s creed symbol as the collar, and drive cars. In NYC, you can climb up brownstone buildings and fire escapes, as well as skyscrapers and construction sites and steel beams. Weapons include the tommy gun, revolver, a cane sword, molotov cocktail, hidden ice pick and grappling hook, baseball bat, mp38 uzi, and brass knuckles. You can jump on top of cars and assassinate drivers, or get close to them in casinos. Imagine inviting a mob boss to dinner, going into the near empty bar, shaking his hand, activating the hidden ice pick, and then putting your hand on his neck and stabbing him cleanly, with no one noticing, and leading him to the alleyway, hiding the body in a pile of trash, and mission complete comes up on screen. It would have a godfather feel and jazz music. You can also visit Chicago, Al Capone, and the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Based on noir films like Scarface, Public Enemy, and Maltese Falcon.
Assassin’s Creed: Nomad
You are a hunnic Assassin during the Nomadic barbarian rule of Mongolia. Genghis Khan. Assassinate Gegeen Khan. Set up nomadic camps. War chants music. Recurve bows and horseback shooting. Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan appear and Attila and Marco Polo.
Assassin’s Creed: Red Star
You are an assassin in Communist Russia. It turns out that after the october revolution, the templars took over and made a communist regime, equally as evil and corrupt as the last one. You have to assassinate templars while staying under the radar of the government. Stealth is extremely important. Being spotted is nearly always fatal. Weapons include sickles, hammers, rifles, AK-47, and the hidden blade. Anthem march music and Atomic Blonde score. You wear a thick, furred Army coat and a Russian ushanka. You are a double spy in the Cold War. Templars try to cause nuclear tension and start the Cuban Missile Crisis. You also go to Dallas to see JFK. Based on Cold War propaganda films like The Hunt for Red October, James Bond films, and also Atomic Blonde. Parkour the frickin berlin wall
Assassin’s Creed: Regime
You are an Assassin in NK. You are the last assassin in North Korea after the Korean War. The reason the assassins are still alive is because of extreme secrecy and it is passed down father to son ever since the Korean War left North Korean assassins isolated from the rest of the world. Your grandfather assassinated Kim Il-Sung, and your father assassinated Kim Il-Jong, but the public never found out. It is your turn to assassinate Kim Jong-Un and hopefully dismantle the government for good and reunite with South Korea. You do this by hijacking the tvs and radios, making the assassination public. Then you must escape the palace, take a village of North Koreans, assassinate the border guards, and cross over through the demilitarized zone to South Korea. You have to assassinate templars while staying under the radar of the government. Stealth is extremely important. Being spotted is nearly always fatal. Weapons include the hidden blade, throwing stars, spear, two section staff, fan, etc. Propaganda sounds and kpop deadass jk. The game is played over all three generations. You wear an old Korean assassin cloak along with a red scarf. Quests include smuggling North Koreans out of the country, destroying cameras, getting food, raiding plutonium factories, assassinating government, and killing the Great Leaders.
Assassin’s Creed: Shogun/Samurai
You are a Japanese samurai assassin during Feudal/Empirical Japan. Weapons include katana, shuriken, hidden kunai and chain, etc. Traditional japanese music. You wear long bamboo armor, ninja robes, and pointed shogun or kendo helm. Your master is cut down by Templars, making you a Ronin. Assassinate Emperor. Based on movies like the Last Samurai
Assassin’s Creed: Slasher
Assassin’s Creed in the slasher film genre. Take place 1960-1990 in suburban towns. The assassin has to find the monster after discovering its victims (plays a similar role as the policeman in most slasher flicks). Assassinate the killer before the last victim. Weapons include standard slasher weapons like Jason’s machete, Freddy’s glove, a butcher knife, chainsaw, noose, etc
Assassin’s Creed: Sparta
You are a Spartan Assassin. You meet many philosophers, kings, and heroes. You travel to Athens, Sparta, and Crete, where an evil king rules. You are captured in an attempted assassination, and forced to do 12 great deeds for the king, leading to you hunting many animals and heroes. Your last deed is to slay the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. When you come out of servitude, you join the Siege of Troy. You hide in the Trojan Horse, pillaging Troy overnight. However, when you come back, you find your family murdered by the king. You assassinate the king, and then you must escape out of the labyrinth as the guards are on your tail, using a ball of string. Weapons include the kopis, doru, xiphos, javelins, bows, labrys, slings, ballista, greek fire, hidden xiphos, cestus gloves, harpe. Naval combat is included, such as ramming, boarding, and ballista-ing. Panpipes, lyres, and other stuff. You wear common bronze hoplite armor with a long leather skirt and a Greek plumed helmet. You can also participate in the olympic games. Based on movies like Troy and 300.
Assassin’s Creed: Underworld
You are John Wick, who is an assassin, but also an Assassin. John Wick turns out to be in the Assassin’s Creed universe. The criminal underworld is littered with rogue assassins and templars. The high table are templars for example. The only safe ground between them is the Continental. This is going to be basically the modern story of Assassin’s Creed. Abstergo is the founder of the high table. You have to assassinate Abstergo in order to stop the high table in the coming war, all while you are hunted down with billions of dollars on your head by other rogue Assassins. Your doggie is a playable character ha.
Assassin’s Creed: Union
You are a slave of the South during the start of the Civil War. Templars are confederates, who want to use easy labor to construct their new world order, while Assassins are Union and fight for freedom. One day, a band of Union assassins take over your masters land and free you. You decide to join the Assassins in order to free more slaves from the Deep South. You follow Abraham Lincoln and William Sherman and Ulysses Grant across the battlefields, including naval warfare. Weapons include musket, hidden bayonet, saber, artillery gatling gun, cutlass, cleaver, club, and pistol sword. Battle march/slave songs music. You wear a blue assassins creed Union uniform or a top hat and defeat red templars. You can fight off draft riots in NY (like in Gangs of New York) and free slaves from plantations (like in Django Unchained) and march to the sea. You fail to stop a templar, John Wilkes Booth, from killing Lincoln. Quests include fighting battles, fighting naval battles, getting supplies, freeing slaves, saving Lincoln, fighting off the draft riots, saving people from lynching, and send a message. Based on “Gangs of New York” and Django Unchained.
Assassin’s Creed: Vietcong
Fight against Vietcong Templars, liberate prisoners of war, rambo stuff. Based on vietnam war movies.
Assassin’s Creed: Vikings
You are a Norse assassin aboard a Viking longship. You must protect your village from invaders. You also travel to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland (Newfoundland). In Vinland, you have to defend against Native Americans. Naval combat is included. Side quests include finding lost runestones, raiding a rival camp, and finding new land. Weapons include axe, claymore, hammer, spear, etc. Traditional Norse music and battle horns. Based on the relevant side of Thor movies
Assassin’s Creed: Wasteland
You are a Mad Max type road warrior Assassin after a nuclear apocalypse destroys society, making the Earth a gang riddled wasteland of oil and sand. While on the road looking to scrap by, a gang called the Templars tails you and pushes you off the road. They kill your dog and when they are about to kill you, you're hidden blade pops out and stabs them, making them run away. You chase them on the road for revenge for your dog. You get captured when you find the Capital were the rest of the templars live under the rule of the grandmaster. You escape, but take a piece of eden unknowingly. A whole war party chases you down the road. You have to jump from car to car. Eventually you take over the War Rig, with the grandmaster inside. You assassinate him and blow up the rest of the war party. Then you drive back to the capital and free the impoverished and radiation sick. Weapons include the hidden chrome blade, the double necked flamethrower guitar, sawn off double barrel shotgun, handgun, boom spear, hook and chain, chainsaw, hidden dart gun, wrench, harpoon, and dagger. You wear a torn and tattered black leather coat. Doof warrior and junkie xl music. Quests include scavenging, finding allies, killing Templars. You can jump vehicle to vehicle, doing assassinations this way too. You can climb big big rocks, small small sand dunes, the capital, big monster trucks, etc. Based on Mad Max, Twilight Zone, I Am Legend, etc.
Assassin’s Creed: Wild West
You are a Clint Eastwood-looking assassin who shimmered into the Wild Western boomtown by horse during the time of Expansionism and California Gold Rush. The templars own most of the towns in the area in order to access more oil and gold. You have to defeat corrupt sheriffs, robbers, hostile Natives, outlaws, drunk cowboys, greedy industrialists, and Gold Rush robber barons. You help the oppressed town people. You can fight in duels and saloon fights. You can travel across the West by horse or train, including prospecting during the Gold Rush. You can fire rifles at approaching riders from the rooftops. Side quests include sharpshooting mini games, accompanying a family traveling by wagon, substituting for a man to duel, eavesdropping on corrupt sheriffs, saving people from hanging, finding stolen gold for prospectors. You can also perform a roof assassination, where you use eagle vision to see through a roof, you jump up over the target, break through the wooden roof, and assassinate him. Weapons include a deck of cards to get the enemy’s attention, hidden blades, bowie knives, wrist revolvers (pistol whipping, shooting, and butting), hatchet, bow, lasso, musket, caltrops, sand grenade, and dynamite stick. Your outfit is a Mexican hooded poncho and a pointed down cowboy hat, with coats and leather armor. Western (Dollars, High Plains Drifter, Django) soundtrack. You can meet Jesse James, rob banks with your own gang, meet Billy the Kid. Based on spaghetti westerns like Eastwood films, Django Unchained, The Magnificent Seven. Templars are also interested in the Gold Rush because they believe a piece of Eden to be hidden in California.
Assassin’s Creed: Fourth Wall
You play as an assassin that breaks the 4th wall and holds ubisoft hq hostage until they make all of the games on this list
WW1 Assassin and Templar
submitted by RobotAssassinClone to assassinscreed [link] [comments] GOES TO MALTA 2019 GOES TO MALTA 2019
All Eyes On Malta
2018 proved to be a big year for Malta. Last November’s Malta AI & Blockchain Summit was graced by over 8,500 attendees that included Scott Stornetta, father of blockchain; Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen; and John McAffee, founder of the software company known all over the world that bears his name. This year, we are in for more magnanimous surprises.
What to expect?
Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is envisioned as Europe’s largest event for blockchain for all of history. The Maltese Government will ordain a fourth bill, the D.A.O — a decentralized autonomous organization that exists as a set of contracts among people that resides on the Ethereum blockchain. And will be given its own legal personality as well as give full support to businesses in Artificial Intelligence.
More than 10,000 are expected to attend the event. There would also be conferences that will be discussing primary topics like the future of Fintech and Innovation,
Leading the discussions are:
· H.E. Joseph Muscat (Malta Prime Minister),
· Silvio Schembri (Malta Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation),
· Anthony Pompliano, AKON,
· Ian Balina, Matt Greenspan, Yorick Wilks, David Orban, Miko Matsumura, Grace Rachman, Tim Draper, Virgil Griffith, and Alfio Bardolla etc.
Discussions and forums are diverse relative to the topic that cover the future of technology under the blockchain and AI space. Selected start ups are given limited time slots to pitch their concepts and services to judges. The winner will be given a business-supporting package for the year. To end the event, a charity event will be held courtesy of SiGMA Foundation. This makes the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is your one stop-shop to explore the world of blockchain.
And there’s more! is a proud sponsor of this event as proof of continuing commitment to the blockchain space and to patrons.
For this year, will be presenting the Social Impact Award that recognizes blockchain companies with revolutionary impact on social and environmental scenarios, and which are nothing short but game changers in their respective fields.
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[Spoilers] Thoughts and some questions about season 2 finale

Just finished the last episode of season 2 and overall I think season two dragged a little. I know it was centered on characters and relationships over plot but the bureaucracy and bribing and Wilkes over the casino was just too much and bored me eventually. Also, it felt like they had this casino as the be-all-end-all, so even when main characters were dying or being threatened, can't forget "the casino!" It just seemed like low stakes compared to all the problems it was causing.
I didn't find myself caring about Rachel much and I think it says something that she wasn't even in the last two episodes. It was interesting though that they introduced the drug use with main characters, probably because of the opioid crisis now?
I loved finally seeing some emotion from Marty and seeing Wendy be as cold and calculating as she was, but Marty giving Darlene the baby was the one action by him that went too far. I realize that logically it was the best thing for their family which is the essence of Marty but I hope they can get Zeke back next season.
I thought Charlotte being so aware of how ridiculous their family was and how toxic was a good show of self awareness but then nothing happened with that emancipation sooo...
Petty dying seemed anticlimactic because it was such a random death, but someone mentioned elsewhere that it was the most realistic thing.
I'm upset Jacob's dead because Darlene is crazy and ruins everything to the point where her character is no longer interesting. I'm glad Cade is dead although I'm surprised and a little disappointed that Wendy went so far.
I don't think it's sustainable for them to stay in the Ozarks but I see that Wendy thinks they can run something legitimate and be happy there so we'll see. It's like when she had a hunch about bribing the casino guy and it ended up being a plan by the FBI.
I do have questions about the conversations Helen and Wendy had. Was Helen suggesting the cartle knows something in the kitchen? And what were they talking about in the office? Something that will change her whole body?
Just my attempt to organize my thoughts and think a little more clearly about season 2.
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The Dunder Mifflin Office being robbed in Season 5, Episode 5 “Crime Aid” was not a coincidence

[THEORY] In this episode, as I’m sure you all know, Michael & Holly briefly exit the building before returning back inside to fool around. The following day, our beloved characters return to their office to find that all of their possessions have been stolen, including Kevin’s surge protector.
Excluding the Scranton Strangler, we’re lead to believe that the Wilkes-Barre area is generally low crime & peaceful. So what sense does it make that it happens to be robbed on the same night that Michael & Holly haphazardly forget to lock the joint up? That’s an enormous coincidence, & one that is far too unlikely for me to accept.
I have a couple working theories.
The most fun one is that Creed, being the interesting character he is, actually spends way more time at the office than he lets on & visited sometime after Michael & Holly left the office. Then, he stole a bunch of equipment in the hopes of selling it, which is right up his alley as we’ve seen numerous times throughout the show (selling office equipment, stealing chips on casino night to get his first refrigerator from Bob Vance, etc).
My second, & prevailing theory, is that somebody from the documentary team actually did the deed of robbing the office. They were filming Michael & Holly outside the office & would have known when they left. In addition, they also would have known if they, say, forgot to lock the office in their lustful stupor. This would be a tempting draw for an opportunist looking to make a quick buck. They have access, can delete footage at will, & can use the documentary as proof that Michael & Holly left it unlocked so it could be anyone, thus giving them deniability. It’s the perfect crime. Someone on the documentary crew robbed Dunder Mifflin.
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Removed comments/submissions for /u/Gpr1me

Hi Gpr1me, you're not shadowbanned, but 51 of your most recent 97 comments/submissions were removed. They may be removed automatically by spam filters and not necessarily by human moderators.
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Winnipeg please on the watch for my wife’s stolen Hummer H2...", (21 Jul 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Helicopter circling for 30 mins by Golf Dome on Wilkes -...", (16 Jul 19):
It’s Thanos copter
Submission in Winnipeg, "Congratulations Winnipeg", 1pts (02 Jul 19)
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Where to find those new striped GUESS shirts everyone is...", (26 Jun 19):
The store
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Side Income", (13 Jun 19):
I sell my ass
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "how much do pharmacy technicians make at lets say shoppers...", (12 Jun 19):
You have to be philipino to qualify
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "McDonalds Deep Fried Mosquito Fries! (Marion/StMary's...", (11 Jun 19):
This happened at McDonald’s occasionally a moth or a mosquito would fly into the fry warmer.
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Making light of a bad situation, this could help tho", (11 Jun 19):
LoL omg you’re so funny 😆
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "There was a sparrow with a plastic bag collar hanging out...", (10 Jun 19):
It’s Lovelace
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Noice", (10 Jun 19):
That and your lips don’t form a good seal around the paper when you succcxx
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "There was a sparrow with a plastic bag collar hanging out...", (09 Jun 19):
It’s couture you wouldn’t understand
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Looking for cheap but good MDF and Ply", (09 Jun 19):
The store
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Nice sunsets", (07 Jun 19):
I don’t get it
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Place To Buy A/C Parts?", (07 Jun 19):
The store
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "1 year later, no more clues: How Eduardo Balaquit's family...", (06 Jun 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "1 year later, no more clues: How Eduardo Balaquit's family...", (06 Jun 19):
You can’t count on city police to solve any crimes whatsoever
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Yesterday was choose your own parking spot day at Tim...", (06 Jun 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "City councillor denies he broke laws taking selfie while...", (06 Jun 19):
Siri is absolutely awful compared to the google assistant and iOS is abysmal in terms of features compared to android
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "This shirt was made 30 years ago in 1989 by Canadian...", (05 Jun 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "1 year later, no more clues: How Eduardo Balaquit's family...", (04 Jun 19):
Hide and seek champ 2018
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Notre Dame murder victim name released", (04 Jun 19):
There are so many things wrong with this comment I don’t know where to begin
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Why do North End corner stores all have either...", (03 Jun 19):
I wonder if it’s the same on other planets
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Assiniboine forest still smoking", (03 Jun 19):
You should have ratted them out
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Card Counting", (02 Jun 19):
I think casinos shuffle three decks at a time to discourage card counting.
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Is there any fireworks tonight?!", (02 Jun 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Ignoring the "maximum height" sign at a drive thru", (02 Jun 19):
Did he clear it or nah?
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Look who’s out of jail again!", (01 Jun 19):
Wow Reddit is hard as fuck
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Buy barberry in WPG", (01 Jun 19):
What’s a barberry?
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Unfunded Major Capital Projects - Infrastructure Planning...", (01 Jun 19):
Launder some Chinese money to pay for it
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Places to buy pride-themed things?", (01 Jun 19):
The store
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Hit and run on Main St close to earls", (31 May 19):
Why would the person that got hit be on Reddit
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "Q: Place that makes custom superhero suits?", (31 May 19):
Try amazon
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "All you had to do was follow the damn National...", (31 May 19):
Comment (1pts) in Winnipeg, "What is wrong with you people?", (30 May 19):
What a dumb bitch
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[Meet Report] IPF Open Raw World Championships | F 72kg | 500kg Total | 489 Wilks

Hey y'all,
I sometimes peruse this sub and have read a few meet reports lately and really like them. It's nice to sort of just summarize the meet and the story around it on your own terms without having to worry about an audience that only cares about the big details. I am also looking forward to USAPL Raw Nationals in 4.5 weeks so I figured I'd write this to hype myself a bit for the chance to compete in IPF Worlds again.
Background / Journey to the Meet Well, it was a fun story to get to this meet. To qualify for IPF Raw Worlds, you are supposed to take 1st in your weight class at USAPL Raw Nationals. Well, that's hard to do in my case because the reigning champion is also the 7-time world champion. So I ended up on the alternate list based on my Wilks and willingness to remain on the list. I was 4th on the alternate list but bumped up to 2nd because 2 people ahead of me did not have any interest in heading to Minsk, Belarus.
But, I was initially left OFF the alternate list because I was signed up to compete in the USPA US Open in April. I had to fight for that alternate spot, which I was only given after I removed myself from the US Open roster. This, to me, was really silly. I hadn't violated any rules by being on the list for the meet, and people drop out of meets all of the time. I had to go through an appeals process to get my alternate spot back. Even after the appeal, I was #2 alternate, so I didn't think it would happen. Ironically though, 10 weeks out from the meet and literally the night before the US Open meet, I got a call that a spot had opened up. All that headache was worth it, and I accepted on the spot. Minsk, here we come!
I had been planning to do a meet around the time of Worlds regardless of whether or not I got a spot on the team. The past 2 years, I had also gotten off the alternate list late, but declined to accept a spot because I wasn't prepared (either way overweight for the weight class or just not mentally ready to commit to such a meet). This time I had resolved to actually be prepared in the event that I'd get off the list, and sure enough, it happened. Great success.
Competition Day
So, I get to the meet, as prepared as ever. I knew it would be a battle for 3rd with the two Swedes going in (Isabella von Weissenberg and Annika Zelander). My meet PR total was 492.5kg and theirs were 495kg and 487.5kg, respectively. I also knew that Kim Walford and Ana Castellain would be untouchable in the 1st and 2nd place spots, so the focus was on getting to the podium. The plan for the meet was to make all attempts and push my competitors to pull a weight that they weren't capable of. My attempt selection was more about playing the competition that day instead of hitting huge PRs. There's a time for huge PRs and a time for strategy, and this was the first meet I've competed in where strategy was more important than big PRs, so I think for that reason it was the most exciting meet I've competed in thus far.
Anyway, here is the breakdown of the meet. Link to meet results
Squat I knew I would be starting the meet slightly behind my competitors on squat. Annika's PR squat was 180kg and Isabella's was 192.5kg, so I knew I'd have to plan to make all 3 attempts here to put myself in a good position to push ahead on subtotal on bench.
Opener: 165kg / 363kgs, good, fast, great way to start off the day 2nd: 175kg / 385lbs (2.5kg PR) 3rd: 180kg / 396lbs (7.5kg PR) - somehow I got 1 red for depth here, but that just means depth was perfect! Not complaining at all about that. Video of all squat attempts
I think I could have gone as high as 185kg on squat and made it, but my handlers had predicted my competition would miss their 3rd squats. Sure enough, they missed their 3rds and I made my conservative 3rd attempt. A great start to the day. This was also an incredibly satisfying PR because at Nationals I had missed a chance to PR due to my squat technically falling apart. I had cleaned up my technique in the past year and it surely paid off. If nothing else went my way that meet, I would be happy to come home with this PR squat.
Bench Bench is far away my best lift and I was sure I'd be able to medal here. I came home with a silver medal after Ana Castellain with 3 successful attempts and 9 white lights:
Opener: 112.5kg / 248lbs 2nd: 120kg / 264lbs (2kg PR) 3rd: 122.5kg / 270lbs (4.5kg PR) Video of all bench attempts
I would say I had 125kg in me on bench, but again, the goal was to build a total and not make mistakes. Annika missed her opener due to technical failure, and Isabella lost her confidence on bench and missed what should have been an easy 100kg for her. So, given the circumstances, it was OK to play it safe here. Two red plates will go down at my next meet.
Deadlift Again, we were here to put whatever I needed on the bar to get on the podium (but also within reason and what we thought I was capable of doing). I left my attempt selection to my 3 handlers, and boy were there disagreements on my 3rd attempts. After 2nd attempt deadlifts, I had a 500kg total, Isabella had a 500.5 (she had chipped the WR on squat with 193 and benched 97.5kg), and Annika 495kg. The ultimate decision was 205kg, and I just barely missed it.
Opener: 185kg / 407lbs 2nd: 197.5kg / 435lbs 3rd: 205kg / 451bs, Posterior Chain RPE 8, Grip RPE 10.5. MISS due to grip while getting the down command! Video of all deadlift attempts Aaaand here's that third deadlift one more time
Now, I should have been thinking about the fact that my hands were feeling swollen and my 2nd attempt didn't feel so great in my hands. But I didn't communicate this to my coaches, thinking everything would be OK. But in hindsight, I should have said something. I have a feeling that the water cut and sodium load plus a big bench makes my hands feel puffy, because I had held 205kg for 10 seconds in the gym during prep. Oh well, more to learn and improve on.
Isabella and Annika ultimately missed their third attempts. It's hard to say what was the "right" third attempt. I could have gone a little more aggressive on my 3rd squat or bench, but then Isabella could have pulled 212.5 instead of 215 for her third deadlift and made that. Regardless, I am happy with my performance and that's all I was able to control. 7.5kg total PR, 7.5kg PR squat, and 4.5kg PR bench for 4th place by 0.5kg at my first IPF World championships.
People to Thank I was in great hands on meet day thanks to my 3 handlers, Andrey Grebenetsky, Bill McCarthy, and Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary. Andrey did my meet prep and idk what I'd do without him. I am the most uncoachable person ever and he somehow coaches me. Bill also helped me fix my squat and that was a game-changer. And thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and watched the livestream!
Re: Minsk Minsk was not somewhere I ever thought I'd visit. But let's just say it fulfilled every post-Soviet state stereotype you would expect. There was a military parade with tanks rolling in the streets, which was a rehearsal for their July 3 Independence Day parade. There was literally a mob killing of one of the World team member's family members. A Master's lifter's nephew "fell off the balcony" in a hotel that had a casino, after an altercation with the Russian mob. There were cheap vodka shots everywhere, to the tune of $0.50/shot anywhere. Mink coat stores in the mall. Oh, and the venue where they hosted the meet had a nightclub in the basement where they hosted the IPF banquet. Everyone got drunk and it was a crazy party. I hadn't partied like that since college.
What's next? You might imagine that missing the podium by 0.5kg was a real heartbreaker! So, I am working tirelessly to get back there and move up in the rankings. I just have to get there first, either by winning Nationals or hoping my Wilks is high enough and a few people drop out.
TL;DR: Competed in my first IPF Raw World Championships, went 8/9 in a nail-biter fight to the end, had a lot of fun but no one cares about 4th place. I hope to be back.
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[Meet Report] IPL World Championship, Las Vegas, Nevada. 75kg/165 lb. class. 649kg/1432 total. 465 Raw Wilks.

Meet Prep: Started meet prep for this competition back in early September. The meet I did in October at MetroFlex where I totaled 1,344 was about 1/3rd into the prep phase and was really a “feeler meet” which I needed to do so I could qualify for IPL Worlds. The initial 4-weeks of meet prep for IPL Worlds was done in a structure much like the last meso cycle of Jacked & Tan which sort of looked like this if I remember correctly:
(For those unfamiliar with how I structure my training read this as it may be helpful to your understanding of this post and maybe even to your own training. and here is the simple more TLDR version
Monday: T1 Squat, T2 Deadlift
Tuesday: T1 Bench, T2 Close Grip
Wednesday: T1 Front Squat, T2 Squat
Thursday: T1 Close Grip Bench, T2 Bench (higher volume)
Friday: T1 Deadlift, T2 Front Squat
Saturday: T1 Bench, T2 Bench (Long Pause)
(Warning, it’s similar to that structure, but not exactly. Like all higher level athletes their training has changes that are made on the fly in order to accommodate their progress)
After MetroFlex I realized I was getting fairly beat up in my training and was unsure as to whether or not I would be able to sustain similar progress for another month leading up to IPL Worlds. So I switched up my meet prep structure to look something like this:
Monday: T1 Squat, T1 Deadlift
Tuesday: T1 Bench
Wednesday: T2 Squat, T2 Deadlift
Thursday: T2 Bench
Friday: T3 Squat, T3 Deadlift
Saturday: T3 Bench
I found this to be very effective because it allowed me to front load the heaviest and most difficult to recover from training sessions at the beginning of the week and follow those up with easier and easier sessions. This kept my frequency of practice with each competition lift high (3x per week), my volume high, and most importantly allowed me to linearly progress my intensities manageably, safely, successfully.
You read that right. I did linear progress on this. Just using my T1 lifts here’s how it looked:
(Again, this is how I drafted it out but during the session I would play it by ear and there were days where the weights were 5-10 lb. heavier or lighter but the following was my starting outline)
Week 1
Squat: 385 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Deadlift: 485 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Bench Press: 295 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Week 2
Squat: 405 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Deadlift: 505 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Bench Press: 305 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Week 3
Squat: 425 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Deadlift: 525 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Bench Press: 315 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Week 3
Squat: 445 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Deadlift: 545 x 1 + rep x 1 set
Bench Press: 325 x 1 + rep x 1 set
My T2 and T3 structures also increased linearly but obviously at lower intensities and higher volumes. I simply focused on inching up my weight lifted each week while maintaining the volume in a relatively similar ballpark.
The final training session before the meet was me feeling out my openers the Monday Prior (November 3rd) where I worked up to squat 455x2 set, a new 2RM PR for me. This was heavier than I planned to go but I was feeling great and wanted a new PR. I got a 325x2 bench set in with pauses and then passed on testing my deadlift as that takes a few more days for me to recover from.
I weighed in two pounds under at MetroFlex and that was without doing a harsh water cut. So leading up to IPL Worlds I made efforts to put a bit more weight on, whether it was fat or muscle I didn’t care. About two weeks out from weight-ins I started going low carb but kept my calories high by making my protein shakes with some half and half or whole cream in there. Yum. My daily meals were a few chicken breasts, some cottage cheese, a PB&J sandwich, and lots of almonds whenever I needed a “snack.”
And burritos were involved every day leading up to the final week before the meet.
The Cut
This was going to be hard and I knew it. In order for me to be competitive I needed to game that 24-hour weigh-in window as much as possible. This is a facet of powerlifting that some don’t like, and if that’s you, too bad. It’s the name of the game (unless you’re USAPL) and I can play the game well, so I do.
The Friday prior to the meet (October 31st) I started sodium loading. This was done low carb so I stuffed my face with a ton of pork rinds, beef jerky, and salty cheeses. I sodium loaded through Sunday, November 2nd. That day I also began my water loading by consuming over three gallons, probably close to four gallons of fluid. At least 2.5 of that was distilled water. That night I stepped on the scale at 182 pounds.
Began going low sodium and kept low carb (and Creatine free) from Monday, November 3rd to the 5th. These three days were like a flood from god though as I was drinking close to four gallons of fluid per day. Each night I was going to sleep weighing at or over 180 pounds and waking up around 175 to 177 pounds. This water loading and sodium-loading phase is intended to make your body flush those substances out as quickly as possible. That way when you cease drinking you’ll dehydrate faster and hold less water because of having less sodium in your system.
That’s a lot of sleepless nights waking up to pee.
Also from that Monday to Wednesday I drastically kept cutting my calories. By Wednesday my goal was less than 750 for the day.
Thursday I started my drive from San Diego to Las Vegas which took me about five hours. I started the trip at 175 pounds. During the trip I started my dehydration phase of the cut and only consumed a 16oz zero calorie Monster at the beginning of my drive. While driving I bought some mint gum and sour Ice Breakers sugar free mints. I used these to help me salivate a ton. By the time I arrived at the venue of the competition, the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, I had spit over 1/4th of a gallon into a water bottle and urinated 2-3 times.
My teeth hurt from salivating so much. It was disgusting.
I checked into my hotel at 3:30 pm, got to my room, urinated again, then turned the heater on full blast. I continued to chew gum, suck on sour mints, and spit for a few more hours. Around 6 pm I was down to 170 pounds and somewhat nervous that I wouldn’t make weight. It was then I started taking scalding hot baths for 20+ minutes at a time followed by drying off right away, donning my rubber sauna suit, and then climbing under all the covers of my bed for an hour or more so I could sweat my excess water away. My room was hot as hell and I was miserable. I did this a total of four times Thursday night and into early Friday morning.
Oh… one more thing, I took the advice of a friend and slammed a single shot of liquor every hour on the hour for a total of 5 hours. This was done to help me flush water more effectively, not to get drunk. He broke down the science to me of how it worked and how I should only do it if I needed it. And well, I needed it. So thanks buddy.
No sleep the night prior to weigh-ins. Losing excess water was important.
By the time 7 a.m. on Friday, November 7th rolled around I came in at 74.5 kilos (164.25 lb) on my bathroom scale. I walked down to the Grand Ballroom where the meet was being held and signed in for weigh-ins and waited for 2.5 hours. Stepped on the scale and got my official weight.
A ½ kilo under my max. Perfect.
The Re-Feed
Ok, if cutting weight was miserable this was just as much so. Although eating food is great and I love it… this isn’t the time to enjoy food. It’s time to eat food like it is your job, which isn’t fun at all.
Some think eating a bunch of protein would be helpful. Not so. Eat a ton of salt and a ton of carbs. These are much needed for attaining a bloat that would rival a zeppelin air ship.
Promptly after making weight I chugged a whole Pedialyte and ate a pack of Pop-Tarts, then powerwalked to my truck and drove to an amazing restaurant for a killer breakfast. Hash House A Go Go. I ordered an eggs benedict which came served on a mountain of mashed potatoes and slathered in amazing gravy. I also ordered a 12” Snickers bar pancake and a large apple juice. I devoured the eggs benedict and potatoes in about 15 minutes and got ¼th of the way through the pancake before I got the food sweats and was nauseous.
I should also mention that I was drinking water intermittently throughout the drive to the restaurant and while there too.
I got the rest of my pancake in a to-go box and drove back to the hotel drinking water and snacking on the pancake. Got to my room, ate two Reese peanut butter cups, and passed out for a few hours.
I then woke up, got a large Starbucks caramel frap with two cranberry bliss bars, ate those, drank another Pedialyte, and another package of peanut butter cups. I was having a midday dessert while waiting for some friends to get to the hotel so we could then go to my choice dinner. Which if you guessed was a badass burrito spot you’re correct!
Get to Taco y Taco and killed a mind blowingly good chicken burrito and a giant thing of carne asada nachos as well as about 32oz of delicious horchata.
I need to make it clear once more. Although the food was delicious I was nowhere near comfortable during the whole day. I was filled to the brim and whenever I felt like I could eat or drink more I did. After feasting at Taco y Taco and enjoying some good local music and bullshitting with some good friends I went back to my hotel room.
Here’s where it gets amazing.
Too full to eat or drink I had the resources available to get a medical professional to hook me up with an IV and I took 1,000cc’s of sodium chloride solution. This felt amazing and honestly after it was done I walked around and I noticed that my lats seemed to have turned into two giant water balloons hanging from my back.
… That night I went to sleep at 182.5 pounds.
The Meet
1st Attempt: 429 pounds/195kg: Good Lift. This was an easy opener. Get the nerves out. I’m in the meet. Easy.
2nd Attempt: 474 pounds/215kg: Good Lift. Decently easy. A bit of a slow lift but got it without losing confidence. This was my best deadlift at my very first powerlifting meet as a 148 pound lifter.
3rd Attempt: 501 pounds/227.5kg: Good Lift. A grind half way up but thanks to this amazing squat article and killer advice from gnuckols I made the lift. Beat my best gym lift by a whopping 1 lb. and was at this point tied for 3rd.
1st Attempt: 308 pounds/140kg: Good Lift. Easy openers like I prefer. In fact so easy the side judge was pretty dumbfounded.
2nd Attempt: 330 pounds/150kg: Good Lift. Pretty easy. Glad I made this lift. 2x bodyweight bench in competition in the books.
3rd Attempt: 347 pounds/157.5kg: No Lift. Grind the whole way up. Locked it out but due to massive technical failure I missed it. The side judge told me to go big so that if I made it I could secure a better spot for total. I’m happy I made the attempt but upset I missed it. Oh well. Next time.
Between the bench and deadlift I ate an intra-meet breakfast burrito.
1st Attempt: 529 pounds/240kg: Good lift. Easy opener. This was actually my best pull in competition as a 148 pound competitor at this very same meet two years ago. Pretty cool milestone.
2nd Attempt: 573 pounds/260kg: Good lift. Got this no problem. It was much faster than anticipated. Made the jump to my next attempt with massive confidence.
3rd Attempt: 600 pounds/272.5kg: Good Lift. Three whites. No grind. Easier than making toast. Stoked beyond belief.
Apparently state or national records can’t be set at world championships otherwise that 600 pull would have been the California state record. But then it would have been promptly beat by Steven Lopez who absolutely crushed a 640 deadlift or some non-sense… And then Rositlav Petkov who crushed a 661 deadlift. Steven then made a strong fight for 662 but missed at his knees.
The Total
Totalled 1,432 pounds/649.something kilos! For a Wilks of 465.01 (The official one isn’t out yet, this is my close estimation using online calculators) That’s an elite total in the USPA and just 66 lb. under international elite.
Hell. Yes.
This places me tied for 10th in the US for current year and 16th on the All-Time list.
I got 3rd place in the 165 pound/75kg weight class in the Men’s Raw Open category. I barely eked out a placing over Bruce Randall by 10 pounds or so. I lost 2nd place by about the same I think (although am not sure as to the actual amount). However the Bulgarian machine Rostislav Petkov took home the win, and with a 4th attempt deadlift for the IPL World Record, he totaled 1,650 pounds…
That’s right, a 10x bodyweight total. He got best raw lifter overall too. Something like a 540 Wilks score. WTF?!
Other Points of Discussion
This meet was massive with something like over 350 lifters across four days and many, many, big names. I got to meet some of the greatest lifters to ever compete and a couple all-time world record holders.
The one thing I noticed was that the biggest and strongest dudes in the room were the coolest most down to earth guys. They offered help, advice, and were casually joking around and talking with everyone. These guys were cool as hell and I’m extremely thankful that I had the opportunity to meet them and talk with them.
All in all everyone was very helpful and the meet was marked by a high amount of lifter camaraderie. Although we were competing against each other we all wanted to see the guy next to us do his best. Hell, after the competition I went to dinner with the guy I barely beat!
Not only that but I got to sit down on Saturday and Sunday for a few meals with hands down, one of the greatest lifters to ever touch a barbell. For this, I am extremely grateful. I learned a lot, had a blast, and am honored.
Moving Forward
I’ve got to work towards a 1,500-pound total and break into the Top-5 165 pound lifters. I’m not going to compete for another couple months so that means a lot of “fun” training and going by ear. Pretty much I’m going to chase the pump for a while!
My next meet will hopefully be Raw Unity 8 if my finances can afford it. I’m also considering doing the LA FitExpo depending on whether or not I get an invite. Both are elite level meets and I’d be beyond stoked to lift at either. I likely won’t win but that’s ok… I’d see a 1,000+ lb. squat and meet some of the greatest lifters on the planet.
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SPOILER A few leftover questions from this season...

There were a couple of things that happened this season I didn't understand. Did anyone catch the answers to these?
Thanks if you have any answers. These few issues stuck in my head as I watched the season.
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