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Introducing the 10 stadiums of the Euro 2016 in France!

Welcome to this post fellow redditors! With the Euro 2016 less than 6 months away, it is time to introduce the stadiums that will host the fixtures of this tournament. For each city, you will find an in-depth description of the stadium, a photo album and a link to the city guide made by UEFA. Let me know if I made some mistakes or oversights. I hope you enjoy the reading!
Nota Bene:


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade de Bordeaux (Matmut-Atlantique)
Location: Cours Jules-Ladoumègue, 33300 Bordeaux, France
Coordinates: 44° 53′ 49″ N 0° 33′ 48″ W
Status: New stadium
Start of construction: 11/04/12
End of construction: 04/30/15
Cost: € 184m
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Owner: City of Bordeaux
Tenants: FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Inauguration: 05/23/15 (Bordeaux - Montpellier, 2-1)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 42,000 (42,115)
Attendance record: 42,115 (ASM Clermont Auvergne - Stade toulousain, 18-14, 06/06/15)
Pitch: Hybrid grass AirFibr
Major international football events: France – Serbia (2-1), 09/07/15
Other major sporting events: 2015 French Rugby Championship (Top 14) Semi-finals
Major concerts: -
Group stage
Trivia: The Stade de Bordeaux is a new stadium build for the Euro 2016 and the replacement of the old stadium of Girondins of Bordeaux, Stade Chaban-Delmas, that hosted the 1938 and 1998 World Cup. This stadium is the cheapest of the 4 new stadiums. It has been designed by Herzog & de Meuron, architects of the famous Allianz Arena, and features a "floating" roof supported by 900 stranchions. In september 2015, the stadium has been named "Matmut-Atlantique" for 10 years and a price of € 2m per year.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade Bollaert-Delelis
Location: Avenue Alfred-Maës, 62300 Lens, France
Coordinates: 50° 25′ 58″ N 2° 48′ 54″ E
Status: Renovated
Start of renovation: January 2014
End of renovation: July 2015
Cost: € 70m
Architect: Cardete et Huet
Owner: City of Lens
Tenants: Racing Club de Lens
Inauguration: 08/08/15 (Lens – Red Star, 1-1)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 35,000 (33,443)
Attendance record: 48,912 (Lens - Marseille, 2-1, 02/15/92)
Pitch: Natural grass
Major international football events: Euro 1984; 1998 World Cup (Laurent Blanc golden goal leads France to the Quarter-Finals)
Other major sporting events: 1999 Rugby World Cup; 2007 Rugby World Cup
Major concerts: Matt Pokora and Magic System free concert for the RC Lens centenary (07/14/06); Johnny Hallyday (06/06/09)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The stadium was build back in 1932 by unemployed workers that found explosives shells and grenades during the construction. The stadium can accommodate the whole population of Lens and will still have more than 2,000 empty seats. It has the particularity to be the only stadium in France that has its supporters kop in the side stand and not in the curve as usual. It has been the location of a scene in the movie "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis", leader of the all-time French box-office, where you can hear "Les Corons", famous song sung by Lens fans.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Location: 261 Boulevard de Tournai, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France
Coordinates: 50° 36′ 43″ N 3° 07′ 50″ E
Status: New stadium
Start of construction: 03/29/10
End of construction: 07/15/12
Cost: € 282m
Architect: Valode & Pistre and Pierre Ferret
Owner: Eiffage Lille Stadium Arena
Tenants: LOSC Lille
Inauguration: 08/17/12 (Lille – Nancy, 1-1)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 50,000 (50,157)
Attendance record: 49,626 (France – Jamaica, 8-0, 06/08/14)
Pitch: Natural grass
Major international football events: France – Jamaica (8-0), 06/08/14
Other major sporting events: 2014 French Rugby Championship (Top 14) Semi-finals; 2014 Davis Cup Final (France – Switzerland, 1-3); EuroBasket 2015 knockout stage; 2017 World Men’s Handball Championship
Major concerts: Rihanna concert (07/20/13); Patrick Bruel concert (09/06/14); Johnny Hallyday concert (10/09/15)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stade Pierrre-Mauroy is a new stadium build for the Euro 2016. It is the only stadium in France to have a retractable roof that can be closed or opened in half an hour. It also has a retractable pitch and can be used as a sporting arena. This stadium holds the attendance record for an European basketball game (26,922, Spain - France, 09/17/15) and for a Davis cup game (27,432, France - Switzerland, 11/21/14). The owner of the stadium also own the Millau Viaduct (world's tallest bridge structure and highest bridge in Europe) and the Channel Tunnel.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade de Lyon (Parc OL)
Location: Chemin du Montout, 69150 Décines-Charpieu, France
Coordinates: 45° 46′ 01″ N 4° 58′ 52″ E
Status: New stadium
Start of construction: 10/22/12
End of construction: 01/06/16
Cost: € 405m
Architect: Populus
Owner: OL Groupe
Tenants: Olympique Lyonnais
Inauguration: 01/09/16 (Lyon – Troyes, 4-1)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 59,000 (59,500)
Attendance record: 55,169 (Lyon – Troyes, 4-1, 01/09/16)
Pitch: Hybrid grass AirFibr
Major international football events: 2019 Women’s World Cup
Other major sporting events: 2016 Challenge Cup and Champions Cup finals (Rugby)
Major concerts: -
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stade de Lyon is a new stadium build for the Euro 2016 and the replacement of the old stadium of Olympique Lyonnais, Stade de Gerland, that hosted the Euro 1984 and the 1998 World Cup. It is owned by Lyon and the only one of the 10 Euro 2016 stadiums to be owned by the football club that play in it. The stadium will be candidate to host the Europa League final in 2018.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade Vélodrome
Location: 3, boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille, France
Coordinates: 43° 16′ 11″ N 5° 23′ 45″ E
Status: Renovated
Start of renovation: March 2011
End of renovation: June 2014
Cost: € 267m
Architect: SCAU
Owner: City of Marseille
Tenants: Olympique de Marseille
Inauguration: 10/19/14 (Marseille – Toulouse, 2-0)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 67,000 (67,394)
Attendance record: 65,148 (Marseille – PSG, 2-3, 04/05/15)
Pitch: Hybrid grass AirFibr
Major international football events: 1938 World Cup; 1998 World Cup (Dennis Bergkamp famous last minute goal against Argentina); Euro 1960; Euro 1984 (France vs Portugal epic semi-final)
Other major sporting events: 2007 Rugby World Cup; 2010 Rugby Challenge Cup final; 2011 French Rugby Championship (Top 14) Semi-finals
Major concerts: Johnny Hallyday (4 times); Pink Floyd (07/12/89); U2 (07/14/93); The Rolling Stones (06/20/90 & 07/05/03); The Police (06/03/08); AC/DC (06/09/09); Paul McCartney (06/05/15)
Group stage
Trivia: The Stade Vélodrome is named after the cycling track surrounding the pitch when it first opened in 1937. The stadium has hosted many sporting events during its history such as tennis, field hockey, boxing, motorsports, handball, boules, greyhound tracks, baseball, US football and cycling. It is the only stadium, beside the Parc des Princes, to have hosted the 5 international football tourmanents in France (1938 and 1998 World Cup, Euro 1960, 1984, 2016). Before the renovation, the stadium was roofless and opened to the elements and to the "Mistral", a famous wind blowing in the southeastern France.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade de Nice (Allianz Riviera)
Location: Boulevard des Jardiniers, 06200 Nice, France
Coordinates: 43° 42′ 18″ N 7° 11′ 33″ E
Status: New stadium
Start of construction: 08/06/11
End of construction: September 2013
Cost: € 245m
Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Owner: City of Nice
Tenants: OGC Nice
Inauguration: 09/22/13 (Nice – Valenciennes, 4-0)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 35,000 (35,624)
Attendance record: 35,200 (France – Paraguay, 1-1, 06/01/14)
Pitch: Natural grass
Major international football events: France – Paraguay (1-1), 06/01/14; France – Armenia (4-0), 10/08/15
Other major sporting events: RC Toulon rugby matches (6 in total)
Major concerts: -
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stade de Nice is a new stadium build for the Euro 2016 and the replacement of the old stadium of OGC Nice, Stade du Ray. The National Sports Museum is located in the stadium and was opened in 2014 after being moved out from Paris. The stadium has been named "Allianz Riviera" for 9 years and a price of € 1.8m per year. It is environmentally friendly with more than 4,000 solar panels and its own geothermal installation for heating drawing over three times its own energy requirements. The stadium also uses rain water channelled from the stadium roof into four collection reservoirs for pitch watering.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Parc des Princes
Location: 24, rue du Commandant-Guilbaud, 75016 Paris, France
Coordinates: 48° 50′ 29″ N 2° 15′ 11″ E
Status: Renovated
Start of renovation: May 2013
End of renovation: 2015
Cost: € 75m
Architect: Tom Sheehan
Owner: City of Paris
Tenants: Paris Saint-Germain
Inauguration: 05/25/72 (France – USSR, 1-3)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 45,000 (48,527)
Attendance record: 50,370 (France – Wales, 31-12, 02/18/89)
Pitch: Hybrid grass DESSO GrassMaster
Major international football events: 1938 World Cup; 1998 World Cup; Euro 1960; Euro 1984 (Luis Arconada famous mistake in the final against France); 3 European Cup finals (Real Madrid – Reims, 4-3, 06/13/1953; Bayern Munich – Leeds United, 2-0, 05/28/1975; Liverpool – Real Madrid, 1-0, 05/27/1981; 2 Cup Winners’ Cup finals (Anderlecht – Austria Vienna, 4-0, 05/03/1978; Arsenal – Real Zaragoza, 1-2, 05/10/1995); 1 UEFA Cup final (Lazio – Internazionale, 0-3, 05/06/1998)
Other major sporting events: 1991 Rugby World Cup; 2007 Rugby World Cup
Major concerts: Johnny Hallyday (7 times); Michael Jackson (4 times); The Rolling Stones (3 times); Red Hot Chili Peppers (06/15/04 & 07/06/07); U2 (09/06/97); David Bowie (06/14/97); Metallica (06/23/04); Iron Maiden (06/25/05); Robbie Williams (06/27/06); Muse (06/23/07); Genesis (06/30/07); Bruce Springsteen (06/27/08); Mika (07/04/08); Coldplay (09/07/09); Green Day (06/26/10)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Parc des Princes used to host the national cup finals and be the national team stadium before the construction of the Stade de France. It also hosted 54 Tour de France finish. The stadium of the Stade Français (Parisian rugby team), Stade Jean Bouin, is right next to the Parc des Princes less than 100 meters away. The Paris ring road goes under the Parc des Princes and the Stade Jean Bouin through the Parc des Princes tunnel. The Parc des Princes pitch has been awarded "Best Ligue 1 Natural Pitch" the last 2 years thanks to Jonathan Calderwood, former Aston Villa's groundsmanager. After the Euro 2016, the Parc des Princes will be extented to a 60,000 capacity.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade de France
Location: ZAC du Cornillon Nord, 93200 Saint-Denis, France
Coordinates: 48° 55′ 28″ N 2° 21′ 36″ E
Status: Already build
Start of construction: 05/02/95
End of construction: 11/30/97
Cost: € 364m
Architect: Michel Macary, Aymeric Zublena, Michel Regembal, Claude Costantini
Owner: French State
Tenants: The France national football team, The France national rugby team
Inauguration: 01/28/98 (France – Spain, 1-0)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 80,000 (81,338)
Attendance record: 80,430 (South Africa – England, 15-6, 10/20/07)
Pitch: Natural grass
Major international football events: 1998 World Cup (Lilian Thuram 2 only goals in NT career qualify France for the final; Zinedine Zidane brace leads France to their first World Cup trophy); 2003 Confederations Cup; 2 UEFA Champion’s League finals (Real Madrid – Valencia, 3-0, 05/24/00; Barcelona – Arsenal, 2-1, 05/17/06); 2 World Cup qualifiers playoffs (France – Ireland, 1-1, 11/18/09; France – Ukraine, 3-0, 11/19/13)
Other major sporting events: 1999 Rugby World Cup; 2007 Rugby World Cup; 2010 H-Cup final; 2003 World Championships in Athletics
Major concerts: Johnny Hallyday (9 times); The Rolling Stones (5 times); AC/DC (5 times); U2 (5 times); Muse (4 times); Black Eyed Peas (3 times); Madonna (3 times); Beyoncé & Jay-Z (twice); Bruce Springsteen (twice); Paul McCartney (twice); David Guetta (twice); Depeche Mode (twice); The Police (twice); Prince (06/30/11); Céline Dion (twice); Metallica (05/12/12); Red Hot Chili Peppers (06/30/12); Coldplay (09/02/12); Lady Gaga (09/22/12); Rihanna (06/08/13); Eminem (08/22/13); Roger Waters (09/21/13)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stadium was build for the 1998 World Cup and is the biggest stadium in France by capacity. It is the only stadium in the world to have ever hosted a World Cup football and a World Cup rugby final. It has movable seating that can be retracted to uncover part of the athletics track. The locker rooms were designed with the help of Michel Platini. The stadium has been used by Lille and Lens to host Ligue 1 games while their stadiums were being renovated or build. The Stade de France can resist winds up to 145 kph and a software simulating crowd dynamics was used during its conception.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
Location: 14, rue Paul et Pierre Guichard, 42028 Saint-Étienne, France
Coordinates: 45° 27′ 39″ N 4° 23′ 25″ E
Status: Renovated
Start of renovation: May 2011
End of renovation: December 2014
Cost: € 58m
Architect: Chaix & Morel et Associés
Owner: City of Saint-Etienne
Tenants: AS Saint-Etienne
Inauguration: 03/08/15 (Saint-Etienne – Lorient, 2-0)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 42,000 (42,000)
Attendance record: 47,747 (Saint-Etienne – Lille, 1-0, 05/11/85)
Pitch: Hybrid grass AirFibr
Major international football events: Euro 1984 (Michel Platini perfect hat-trick against Yugoslavia); 1998 World Cup (Michael Owen famous goal against Argentina); 2003 Confederations Cup
Other major sporting events: 2007 Rugby World Cup; 2010 French Rugby Championship (Top 14) Semi-finals
Major concerts: Bruce Springsteen (06/25/85); Johnny Hallyday (07/22/03); The Police (06/10/08)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stade Geoffroy-Guichard is named after the founder of the Casino retail chain. The nickname of the stadium is "Le Chaudron" (the Cauldron) due its reputation for the atmosphere. The stadium was build on old mine tunnels next to a steel factory and in the early days of the stadium, fumes from the factory's chimneys were known to drif across the pitch. The "Musée des Verts" located in one of the stadium's stand and showing the history of the Saint-Etienne club is the first museum in France dedicated to a football club. The museum exhibits the famous square posts that deny Saint-Etienne 2 goals (Dominique Bathenay long shot; Jacques Santini header) in the 1976 European Cup final against Bayern München in Glasgow.


City guide
Photo album
Name: Stadium de Toulouse
Location: Île du Ramier, 1, bis allées Gabriel Biénès, 31028 Toulouse, France
Coordinates: 43° 35′ 00″ N 1° 26′ 03″ E
Status: Renovated
Start of renovation: April 2013
End of renovation: December 2015
Cost: € 46m
Architect: Cardete et Huet
Owner: City of Toulouse
Tenants: Toulouse FC
Inauguration: 01/16/16 (Toulouse – PSG)
UEFA Capacity (normal capacity): 33,000 (33,300)
Attendance record: 40,000 (Toulouse – Sete, 0-0, 05/20/51)
Pitch: Hybrid grass AirFibr
Major international football events: 1938 World Cup; 1998 World Cup (Romania beat England 2-1 in the group stage); BONUS: Diego Maradona hits the post in the penalty shootout and qualifies Toulouse for the Second Round of the 1986-1987 UEFA Cup
Other major sporting events: 2007 Rugby World Cup
Major concerts: Michael Jackson (09/16/92)
Group stage
Round of 16
Trivia: The Stadium de Toulouse in located on an island in the center of City on the Garonne river. Since november 2009, the East stand is named "Brice Taton", a Toulouse fan that died in Belgrade in september 2009 from his injuries caused by Partizan hooligans. The stadium is only one kilometer away to the AZF factory, ac hemical plant, that suffered a major explosion in september 2001 damaging the stadium. 6 months of repairs costing nearly € 600K were needed to fix the stadium.
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[Request] Probability of winning a gambling game

Hi I just need some help with probability (forgot all my highschool math). There is a game in a nearby casino called French Boule and I wanted to know what the probability of winning 5 times in a row is.
Basically, the game consists of a ball you push down a ramp onto a square area that is dimpled with numbers 0-9. There are about 230 or so dimples that each carry a number between that range that is distributed seemingly randomly - and whichever dimple the ball settles into wins a 8x payout.
For example if I bet on 7 and the ball rolls around and settles in a dimple with 7 printed on it then I win.
So theoretically with a 100 dollar start, you could get 3.3 million with just 5 consecutive wins. What would the probability for this look like?
EDIT: Image of the game's platform. . Essentially the ball starts at the bottom indent at the small circle, and is then rolled down into the numbered area. Where the ball settles is the winning number
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todayilearned TIL Michael Jackson purchased the publishing rights to The Beatles song catalogue for $47.5 million, against the advice of his counsel. 30 years later it was resold to Sony for $750 million, nearly a 1500% increase in value. Sony
Jokes Is Google a boy or girl? Google
todayilearned TIL Burger King gives out gold cards to celebrities, giving them a limitless supply of food at Burger King Burger King
AskReddit Should Twitter revoke Trumps account? Why or why not? Twitter
TwoXChromosomes I'm a Uber driver and picked up the biggest douchebag last night, and he proceeds to tell me all about how he basically terrorize this poor girl. Uber
mildlyinteresting Both sauces came from the same Burger King but they are two different sizes Burger King
OldSchoolCool A group of high school drivers' education students practice their skills in model cars inside the classroom, part of the Aetna Drivotrainer system, 1950s. Aetna
videos Online Casino Caught Cheating Casino
gaming Just finished my first Xbox skin Xbox
OldSchoolCool My late grandpa getting an autograph with Mohammed Ali at the BBC studio in 1977. Champ. BBC
food I ate KFC Georgia Gold tenders KFC
food i ate Boule nacree aux fruits exotiques emulsion neigeuse au Passoa au
AskReddit Serious Why are certain religions being promoted as progressive in the United States, while in countries dominated by that religion there is extreme prejudice against the LGBQT community? United
AskReddit Other than Facebook, Youtube and Reddit, what are some websites you frequently visit? Youtube
personalfinance Collections letter from Verizon Wireless, no account and nothing on Credit Score Verizon
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mildlyinteresting Melting lamp posts in Halifax Nova Scotia Halifax
OldSchoolCool Taken in the mid 80's- My grandfather, Ronald Wright, worked as a sound technician for CBS for many years and eventually retired with them. Here he is fitting our 40th President Ronald Regan with his microphone before a live broadcast. Sorry about the quality. CBS
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gaming Guy Mods His Porsche 911 to Run Doom Game Played at 2:54 Porsche
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WritingPrompts WP You're in Walmart and you pass the wall of missing children. You notice a photo of an infant child last seen decades ago, along with a picture of what they might look like today. It's undeniable - this second picture is you. Walmart
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videos How to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in 3 easy steps Porsche
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pics A Chinese typewriter made by IBM which can print over 5000 different characters IBM
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Futurology Can Facebook Help Humanity Take Its “Next Step”? Facebook
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todayilearned TIL that since 2011, Sweden's official Twitter account is run by a different citizen curator each week, empowering the people to share stories of their country. Twitter
videos How to mod your Porsche 911 to run Doom Porsche
gaming How to mod your Porsche 911 to run Doom Porsche
pics Stopped to take a photo of some big surf on my way to work. A couple hours later I got a notification that Google "stylized" my picture. Google
Documentaries Behind Bars: Prisons Undercover 2017. A BBC Panorama documentary on a private prison in the North of England run by Sodexo BBC
mildlyinteresting New Subway train in Moscow, Russia. Subway
Jokes Francis Ford Coppola directed the film "Jack". Ford
UpliftingNews Workmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star Michelin
Showerthoughts "Jinx, poke, you owe me a Coke" must be the most worn-out phrase at the Coca-Cola facilities in Atlanta Coca-Cola
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gaming How to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in 3 easy steps Porsche
todayilearned TIL 7 of the United State's "10 most congested highways" are in Los Angeles, making it one of the biggest fuel-wasting regions in the area. United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: In "The Social Network", Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake said that he would put Facebook on two continents. What does that mean? Facebook
pics When you leave Verizon for Sprint but realize Sprint doesn't even work Verizon
pics When you leave Verizon for Sprint but realize Sprint doesn't even work Sprint
Music Mumford and Sons to boycott Swedish music festival after sexual assaults - BBC News BBC
news Goat and UPS Driver Form Unlikely Friendship: 'She Is Always Around for a Great Laugh' UPS
AskReddit Who would be the best President for the United States that would be make everyone happy? United
food Homemade Chocolate Casoncelli on Blood Orange Fillets with Caramelized Peanut Kernels Orange
space Donald J. Trump on Twitter - "It is very sad to see what @BarackObama has done with NASA. He has gutted the program and made us dependent on the Russians." Twitter
funny In August, I posted a pic from my local grocery store to my personal Facebook page... months later I'm finding it as a meme. The power of the Internet. Facebook
movies I started writing long form film reviews last year on Facebook and recently launched my own website! I'd love to get some opinions! Facebook
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The Genting casino in Malaysia has a game called French Boule. Under the Singapore rules a ball is thrown into an arena with many indentations, each with a number from 0 to 9. The total number of indentations for each number is equal. One type of bet is on a specific number, for example 5. The probability of winning is 10%. Wins pay 8 to 1. The ... French Boule Casino house is not mandatory. Whether you enjoy card games, slots or tables, French Boule Casino we go through American players’ favorite casino games that can be found on French Boule Casino the internet. Playing online doesn’t dim the bright Vegas lights; instead, it brings Vegas into your home. Boule has been very popular ever since it first appeared in 1923. Its great simplicity has led a number of establishments to offer it and the game has travelled abroad, too, particularly to Switzerland, Spain and Denmark. A simplified version of the legendary French Roulette, Boule allows you to bet on 9 numbers (1 to 9) rather than on 37 (0 to 36) , with each number appearing twice in the ... La boule is a unique game that is a variation on the traditional roulette game that is offered by BetFred Casino. La Boule Instructions . This game is presented by BetFred Games. In order to begin playing this game without signing in, click on theFun Play link. La Boule is a French game that is similar to roulette. The betting table is much different but similar to betting on traditional ... La Boule – The French Casino Game. Casino games have been played for ages. Different games originated from different countries and regions are played across the globe now. These games have found their place in land-based formal casinos as well as online and mobile-based games, One of the games that are native to France is – La Boule. La Boule in English means ‘The Ball’. It is a very ... This website looks into the France gambling history, France gambling law, French online casinos and all the online casino games that the French like to play. Firstly, let’s start off with the best and most recommended land based casinos of France: Casino Croisette: You all must be familiar with the Cannes Film Festival. Well Cannes isn’t just popular for its adoration for film but great ... Every casino that makes it to our list is synonymous with fair play, integrity, reliability, and security. Each of them French Boule Casino have the following in common:. Licensed and regulated in French Boule Casino reputable jurisdictions.. Powered by some of the best online casino software providers. French Casino Game Boule. Casino games have been played for ages. Different games originated from different countries and regions are played across the globe now. These games have found their place in land-based formal casinos as well as online and mobile-based games, one of the games that are native to France is – La Boule. La Boule in English means ‘The Ball’. La boule is the old ... French Boule Casino house edge and few rules to learn, craps is one of the best games for new casino players to try. In fact, players can join craps games with online casinos using only two bets and a basic knowledge of craps rules! Best for Small Bankrolls Play Now. Win rate 97.87%. Pamela ... La Boule is still available in some French casinos, but seldom outside France. One thing is common with Roulette. The game consists of a betting layout and a round bowl with pockets designated by numbers. Apart from Roulette La Boule is not served by the Croupier but by a person called the Bouler.The ball, which is bigger than the one in Roulette (looks like a tennis ball), is spun around the ...

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Petanque Fazzino I 11

ROCHER Dylan VS GARRIEN championne de FRANCE Pétanque 2020 La Boule Savougeoise - Duration: 43 ... 29th SEA Games 2017 Petanque Women Double Final CAMBODIA Vs THAILAND - Duration: 16:00. Diamond ... When was the last time you've won anything on lottery games? Well, lotto tickets may seems like a long away to happiness, but there is a simple statistics m... This video is a beginner's guide with some tips on how to play the popular french game of petanque,(boules) which originated in 1907 and is played by about 1... What happens when you crush solid french boules with Hydraulic Press?! SEND US THINGS TO CRUSH! Address of Po Box- Crushit PO Box- 2098 Croydon CR90 9PT Unit... This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Casino. WEBSITE: Ever wonder what the difference is between American, European, and French roulette tables? There are a few key differences you'll want to understand before p... In collaboration with JCDecaux Fracne and the transport system LE MET', the SEVEN CASINO d'Amnéville launched the Metiss'Roulette campaign. Metz was literall... Booze after the game of boule, in Laos! Everyone seems to be having a good time on the streets of Laos, Vietnam, playing the local ball game and partaking of... Pétanque ˈis a sport that falls into the category of boules sports, along with Raffa, bocce, boule lyonnaise, lawn bowls and crown green bowling. All of thes... Subscribe to France 24 now: 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 the southern French region of ...