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Cashman Casino Free Coins - Links & Freebies 2021

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William Hill brings the Bingo Social Special

Truth be told, you are never going to get rich playing bingo, but at least you can enjoy a very social game in the company of fun loving people. This is exactly the reason for why so many chose to make the transition from land-based gambling to online casinos and William Hill present some great opportunities to fans of the genre. Their latest promotion goes by the name of Bingo Social Special and it captures the very essence of the game, so it comes as no surprise that so many players participate. If you want to play bingo in a friendly atmosphere and also claim some freebies, then you should definitely participate in this campaign. Players are supposed to visit the official webpage on Facebook and use the opportunity to play some of the bingo games listed there. By paying attention to all the news and special offers, they are going to receive bonuses ranging from free bet on sports to casino freebies and entry tokens to bingo tournaments. The idea is to get players fully immersed in the gambling atmosphere, while encouraging them to make the transition from one genre to the other. William Hill covers all spectrums of online gambling, so it's not going to be too difficult for new members to explore all these great games. At the same time, they provide new members with the incentive to learn more about the games, by being a part of special promotions such as the Guess the Slot competition. It speaks for itself and all those who managed to guess the slot machine by taking a glance at a low quality photo, will receive a bonus of €5 or currency equivalent. You need to spend this amount on the selected slot machine, which makes perfect sense, since this promotion there's players to guess the slot. The resulting profits are yours, but only after you meet the 20 times wagering requirements, so don't be too hasty and refrain from cashing out soon. The terms and conditions that apply to this promotion are pretty much the same that govern all the campaigns running live at this online casino. All those who are at least 18 years old are going to be allowed to sign up for this campaign and they also need to make a deposit to participate. The good news is that even if you fund your account anywhere within the last 30 days, you will be automatically enrolled which greatly simplifies the process. Since this campaign emphasizes the social nature of the game, the bonus code is going to be posted on Facebook, so make sure you stay active on the social network. Every player is eligible for a bonus, but don't expect to receive more than one freebie, by signing up for multiple accounts.
via Casinoreviews
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I've got things to send, but...

I live in Vegas and have easy access to a lot of casino freebies. A lot of my gifts are going to be from casinos, but are still kind of in line with my giftee's interests. Is this going to be okay? There are a couple of things included that I bought, like a book that is my absolute favorite. I thought they'd like it because it's a very smart piece of fiction. I'm just worried that a casino t-shirt might seem a little thoughtless. But on the other hand, might it seem like a cool piece of my home town?
Edit: Thank you all for the advise, I really tend to overthink things and worry myself sick over small stuff. Still keeping my fingers crossed that he likes it, though!
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Cashman Casino Free Coins - Links & Freebies 2020

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Would a funded online casino account be considered a freebie?

I know casinos (house) are always finding ways to get people to play. They give you money to win more money.
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(Offer) The Doorman, Unhinged, The Professor, The Kill Team, much more (Request) Push, Raid 2, Whiplash, ISO list, your lists.

New this week: I Am Vengeance: Retaliation HD.
As always, I will trade certain 4ks for HD titles I'm very interested in.
Freebies: Must be redeemed right away (I check), one per person, and only for active sub members.

ISO: Push, The Raid 2, Whiplash, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, The Lodge, Juliet Naked, Save Yourselves!, Peanut Butter Falcon, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mistress America. Indie, horror, and weird stuff preferred. Anything I don't have that looks interesting really.
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(Offer) Justice League: War, Hero, The Wolf of Wall Street, Final Destination 5, much more (Request) Push, Raid 2, Whiplash, ISO list, your lists.

New this week: Justice League: War HD**,** Hero HD**, The Wolf of Wall Street HD, and Final Destination 5 HD.**
As always, I will trade certain 4ks for HD titles I'm very interested in.

ISO: Push, The Raid 2, Whiplash, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, The Lodge, A Ghost Story, Juliet Naked, Save Yourselves!, Peanut Butter Falcon. Anything I don't have that looks interesting really.
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(Offer) The Casual Vacancy, American Sniper, The Secret Life of Pets, much more (Request)ISO list, your lists.

New this week: The Casual Vacancy HD, Inception HD, The Secret Life of Pets HD, American Sniper HD, The Bourne Legacy HD, Moneyball HD, I Am Vengeance: Retaliation HD, Iron Man 2 ??, and Kung Fu Panda 2 ??.
I try to respond quickly when possible, but am often doing other things. I also sometimes wait on trade options for codes I know will garner a lot of interest. Please have patience.
I have 9 DMI slips worth 100 points each I'm willing to trade for movie codes, just make an offer. I also have 3 screen passes for the month I can add to trades.
As always, I will trade certain 4ks for HD titles I'm very interested in.
Freebies: Must be redeemed right away (I check), one per person, and only for active sub members.
ISO: Possessor, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, The Raid 2, Whiplash, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, The Lodge, Juliet Naked, Save Yourselves!, Peanut Butter Falcon, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mistress America. Indie, horror, and weird stuff preferred. Anything I don't have that looks interesting really.
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Best casino deal/freebie for cashing paycheck?

Gvr used to give free drink tickets for cashing a paycheck w/ them.
I heard Sunset station enters you in some sweetpstakes.
Any sweet deals ya know of?
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Two recent FREE games (+1 additional GWG added) on the Xbox One - The Four Kings Casino and Rec Room

Two recently released free games:
The Four Kings Casino & Slots - This game covers quite a lot of games housed within a virtual casino. Multiplayer card games like Poker and Blackjack, along with War, Bacarrat, Roulette, Craps and a Wheel. Slot machines and game machines. Multiplayer Bowling and Bingo. This game has about 400 easy gamerscore for free. You can get 1000GS for free, but it will be a long time as it involves leveling up. If you follow TrueAchievements, I'd recommend this game for the high ratios of even the easy achievements. This will be one of those games with a manageable completion for super high ratio. I also actually find the variety fun. It's nice to go from Poker, to Bowling, to Bingo etc.
Rec Room - This game just released on Xbox and I haven't had a chance to play it. I am told that 500 or so GS is super simple, but a completion is also a really long grind. If you follow TA you will see a high unlock amount. This isn't because it's fast. It's because it allows the loading of a save from other platforms such as Steam where people have been playing it for months (years?).
And lastly, an international Freebie for Gold members. On top of the 4 Games with Gold titles currently announced, the following is available if you follow this link and do NOT change the store region out of Japan.
Frontlines - Fuel of War (360 but Backwards Compat)
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Swagbucks Pending question

So ive been killing it with doing their (mainly) casino game offers lately, ive done the Huuuge for 9000, Billionaire for 4500, and just completed the Club Vegas one for 3500, but even tho the Billionaire Casino one said it'd have SB Pending for up to 7 days, it came immediately after hitting level 160, but my Club Vegas that i finished this morning but is showing pending for 6 days.
So my question is why did BC not pend but CV is even tho they are both from SB themselves? And do they typically actually pend for the whole 7 days or have a habit of coming sooner? Mainly asking just for curiosity for future games im about to start. I usually stay away from the ones that do the 32 day pending tho. (HC credited my 9000 immediately and was through RevU, BC & CV was through SB, but BC was immediate)
For any1 curious, personally i found CV to be harder than other 2, i beat the BC to lvl 160 in 1 day, HC to lvl 200 in 3, CV took me 3 days but alot more time and strategy, which if anyone wants to know a really good way to beat HC and BC like i did, let me know. I did spend 2.99 on HC to speed through my final 20 levels due to over betting and bad luck losing all my chips when i shouldn't have chanced it, but spent nothing on BC and FLEW through it. The charm thing they are doing right now is especially helpful early on since you can power level by bidding "high" (in beginning a 200k bet is considered high and that makes the charm quality and amount max out easy) I HIGHLY recommend playing the game called "Huge Diamond Wins", but theres a certain way to play i will save for a guide if yall want one, as at first you may notice not as many wins happen but you can win a TON of chips on here especially the way i figured out how to. And also facebook/twitter freebies help you majorly. As well as joining Platnium clubs, and completing workouts. Let me know if I should post a quick guide on these as i have a ton of experience now eith these and even my friends are doing these now, finishing in about 1 or 2 days depending on how much they play, and how much they actually follow what i told them to do lol.
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Need some help here! Help on searching for an online site with nice casino bonuses and freebies; one that doesn’t have abysmal wagering requisites.

I trust that there’s many casino gamers and players here..
Can anyone help me find a nice online site, one that has awesome casino bonuses and freebies? Actually I’m a returning casino gamer; I’ve stopped playing for like almost two years, ‘cos of some commitments IRL. But since mobile casinos are sorta common already, I think I can spare some leisure time with this once again!
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Update Notes: December 11, 2020

December 11, 2020 Update

It's time for holiday festivities! In addition, there are big changes to Elite and Boss monsters in this update. There are also revisions to the Ice Magic and Deer skills. And, of course, various other things as well. Read on for more info.

Ri-Shin Celebration

The holidays are upon us! While Alharth doesn't celebrate Christmas, it does celebrate Ri-Shin Day, and New Years' Day. Townsfolk who are your Friends will offer you gifts when you speak with them. (Make sure to have your favorite combat skills active in case they give you a piece of randomly-generated gear!)
There's also a Ri-Shin festival waiting to happen in each city and township in the land, but they will need your help getting their trees assembled. Look for townsfolk in festive red Ri-Shin hats to get started.
This year, there's also a new way for the community to work together. This is an experiment -- we've never tried anything like this before. You'll receive an introductory quest for this part of the event after you've assembled a few Ri-Shin trees. (If you're a Druid, you'll be briefed immediately upon login.)

High-Level Elite/Boss Changes

As mentioned in the last patch's notes, we're working on making high-level combat take longer. This will eventually include both solo and group combat, but we're focusing on group combat right now. Some of the big-picture details are in flux a bit as we experiment and see what's going to work (e.g. "how many Elites is a tank supposed to be able to handle at once?" answer: "we're not sure yet").
We've been improving the "tanky skills" in preparation for these longer fights, but it's been hard to get good tanking data because most high-level Elite monsters simply haven't needed a tank: a group of players could blast them to death in seconds. So it's time to make Elites live longer and see what happens!
In this update, Elite/Boss monsters have a lot more health and armor, and Bosses deal less damage. We'll be watching your feedback (and our combat data logs) to try to figure out where to go from here. We may need to temporarily revert these changes, reduce them, increase them, or add more systems into the mix to address specific problems.
Bosses (but not Elites) also deal less base damage than before. The actual amount varies by boss-tier and the bosses' personal stats, so it's hard to generalize, but at level 80 an "average boss" deals about 25% less base damage.
Both Elites and Bosses deal less damage with their Rage attacks, also. The median reduction in rage-bonus-damage is about a 40%, but again it's hard to generalize too much.
Here's some more details about the implementation.

Elite/Boss Loot Changes

We've also added some additional rewards for killing Elites/Bosses. When you loot an Elite, you'll now automatically "find some Councils" on the corpse. The amount is based on the monster's level, with some random variance. Bosses also drop extra money in the form of Council Coinpurses. (And bosses with curses drop more money sacks.) Finally, the most deadly tiers of bosses have a higher chance to drop high-rarity gear.
(These quick generalized changes were made because we didn't want to revise every monster's custom loot table just yet. But hey, maybe it's fun enough to remain permanent. Let us know what you think after you've had some time to try it out.)

Ice Magic Changes

Ice Magic is supposed to be a versatile wizarding toolkit: it can provide exceptional crowd control, potent survival tools, and decent damage, depending on which abilities you use. Its crowd-control abilities were already top-tier, so we've focused on other aspects of the skill in this update. There's a few nerfs and a lot of buffs.
Fire Magic Over-synergy
The biggest nerf to Ice Magic is actually a change to a Fire Magic treasure mod:
We realized this mod was overpowered shortly after it was introduced, but it was a "let's wait and see if this is actually a serious problem" scenario. A lot of accidentally-overpowered treasure turns out to be fine, and sometimes an accident like that can really make everything "click" and help define a skill. But not this time. It was hamstringing our ability to make Ice Magic more powerful on its own, so it had to be reduced to a more reasonable level. (And it's still probably the most powerful cross-skill synergy mod in the game.)
Cryogenic Freeze
Cryogenic Freeze needs to take its rightful place in the Ice Magic survival toolbox. It has TREMENDOUS mitigation, and it's intended to be something of a "freebie" for Ice Mages: it's useful without needing to invest lots of treasure mods into it. The only cost is that you have to make room for it on your ability bar. (And treasure makes it more versatile and useful.) Of course, Cryogenic Freeze has the extreme down-side that you are completely frozen and cannot move. But now instead of a forced 10-second lockdown, you can control the duration precisely.
Ice Armor, Ice Veins, and Shardblast
Ice Armor has been buffed up a bit. We've also worked to make Ice Veins and Shardblast more useful. You can now use either one to reset Ice Armor's timer, allowing you to immediately put your armor back on. Which, in turn, allows you to take advantage of Ice Armor's healing mods again!
This "Ice Armor loop" technique can be very powerful but requires a lot of treasure mods to reach full potential. It's also possible to use Ice Armor in a more passive role, and there are mods to support that style also (such as the ones that boost Cold damage).
Cold Sphere Changes
Cold Sphere's old Rage attack (at high level) was a 10-second root. This was too much of a good thing and it's now a 5-second root at all levels.
We've tried to make Cold Sphere useful in two different scenarios: for Ice Mages who are using a different skill as their primary damage source, they can invest in Cold Sphere mods to get a bit of extra damage on the side (plus its innate root is always handy).
For players who ARE using Ice Magic as their primary damage-dealer, Cold Sphere's damage-boosting mods are often not worth using, but there's a new mod that gives it a Cold-vulnerability debuff. This makes Cold Sphere an interesting (but not mandatory) option for any Ice Mage.
Other Ice Magic Changes
Added a bit more damage overall. Nerfed one of Frostbite's mods, but don't be misled: it's still an extraordinarily good debuff. (And it will only become more powerful as combat duration increases! In fact, we may need to tone it down some more later.)
One-Tier Mods Changed\*
You may notice a couple of asterisks above. Those are treasure mods that previously only had one "tier" of effect. The revised versions add more tiers to each mod, allowing the mods to become slightly more powerful at high level. This resulted in a slight quirk: pre-existing items with these mods are still stored as having the first tier of the mod. This means even high-level items will have the lowest-tier version of these mods.
This isn't really a huge deal in terms of potency, but if you want to fix it, you can Transmute the mod off the item and then Transmute it back on -- it will be the appropriate tier when it's re-added. (And this month, Transmutation is cheap for the Ice Magic and Deer skills.)

Deer Changes

The earliest animal forms were all experimental designs, and Deer was originally the prototypical "off-tank" skill. Then we decided that off-tanks weren't useful in a game without raids, so Deer was revised in a few other directions. But the most recent revision made Deer fairly tanky again, so let's build on that. Here's a fresh idea: what if Deer was like an "off-tank"?
In old-school MMO terminology, an off-tank can act as a tank for an elite enemy (or multiple solo enemies), but may have trouble tanking some bosses -- although dedicated healers can help there. What makes them unique, though, is an ability to take over aggro for anyone... including a tank! (Hence the name "off-tank", because they can pull monsters off the tank.)
We'll try to give Deer that ability and see what it's like. There's new treasure that gives you a new sidebar ability "Feign Injury", which "temp taunts" a target. Temp taunting works like regular taunting, except it decays at a rate of 20% per second. So a temp taunt of +10,000 would be 10,000 Taunt at first, then a second later would be recalculated as 8,000, then a second later as 6,400, etc. So this ability should help Deer get aggro from anyone, anywhere... at least for a few seconds.
An off-tank should also have solid taunting and survivability, and deal decent damage. So that's what we'll try to do here. In addition, the Deer skill has always had incredible mobility (which is what makes them an interesting off-tank), and we want to keep that too.
Rethinking Deer Pet
Deer players can summon an ally deer to aid them. Previously these deer had an innate 300% taunt multiplier and were intended to be sort-of off-tanks themselves, sharing tanking duties with the player deer. We recently gave these summoned deer the benefits of our experimental genetics system, which could randomly give these pets incredible health and armor. Better for tanking! But yet... at high level, a well-equipped player deer can easily out-taunt and out-tank a pet deer. This just feels like an unwieldy design.
We've dropped the idea that these pets are tanks, and focused them on damage. They no longer have an innate taunt bonus or souped-up genetics. However, they have higher base damage, and the pet's taunting-related treasure effects have been changed into a damage boost.
There are also new treasure mods that summon additional deer for a few seconds at a time. This makes for a fun solo build, although it's somewhat mod-intensive and also pretty chaotic. But a fun kind of chaotic! (For those who don't want chaos, we've also bumped up Deer's more traditional murder methods.)
It's useful to know that every attack your pet deer makes is considered a "deer kick". This is relevant for one specific treasure mod:
This mod is unchanged, except that it no longer stacks more than four times: twice for each piece of equipment it can show up on. (That's *not* a limit of 4 stacks of damage, it's 4 stacks of the debuff that applies the damage!) Also, we've reworded the effect to clarify that pet deer can trigger the damage.
Removed treasure mods
We've tried hard to avoid breaking existing equipment by repurposing obsolete Deer effects with new ones. However, in one place this was impossible. A head-slot mod was removed without any replacement. If you had this mod on a piece of head gear, that item has become "Legacy", meaning it will stop working after a month. You can fix this by using a Transmutation table to remove the mod off of your helm, or you can speak to the Legacy Golem in Serbule to receive a randomly-generated replacement item. (Transmutation of Deer treasure is much cheaper this month, to help you adjust to these changes.)
Specific Deer Changes

Live Event Token Prize Changes

We've revised some of Riston's special prizes so that they use abilities instead of items. For those that have already purchased a Vendor Fox in a Box or the Small Box of Space, the summoning item in your inventory has been converted to a skill book that will teach you the new ability. This skill book can only be used once, so use caution if you must transfer this skill book to another character on your account. Also with this change, you will have to purchase these items per character now if you wish to have it on more than one character on your account.
Other important notes:
As time goes by, we will slowly be adding more and more items, abilities and services to the game that will require Live Event Tokens. For this update, we have added a new 50 token prize! Find Riston in the Red Wing Casino to check it out!

Other Changes In This Update

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Casino Online Betting - Why to Select Playing Online

If you look ten years back from now, you would probably recognize how difficult it was to manage some time from your busy schedule to get into a casino in order to enjoy your games. Time has changed and now you can essentially enjoy the same excitement and thrill of casinos right from your home computer. Casino online betting has come as a great boom eliminating the hassles and making it easier for people to reach out their preferred casino playoffs from anywhere and everywhere.
Leaving behind the requirement of traveling all the way to a faraway casino, you can now enjoy online betting at your computer with internet connection. Casino betting stands legal for all those who have attained the age of 21. So if you're 21 and looking to try your hands in gambling, you can join in the same excitement available right in your own room. A variety of casino gambling sites are lined in the internet aiming to bring you the best always.
In fact, if you happen to play in any online casino site from before, you will probably know what are the main advantages associated with online casino betting. The features that an online casino offers its players are usually more than what are available in any land based casinos. Today, the online casinos have emerged as the most choice able medium emerging as the largest revenue maker of the gambling industry each year.
The reasons that makes online casino gambling the most popular medium of playing selected casino games include:
1.Offering more choices of online betting sites: It is the online casinos that make casino gaming much simpler as possible in terms of selection of particular sites to play. Currently, the internet includes a large number of casino sites than the total number of brick and mortar casinos based worldwide. Thus, you need not have to worry about the distance of finding a good casino.
Finding a good site is just a few clicks away. Additionally, you can always change your site at your own ease. However, one vital thing to consider is to avoid any kind of rogue casino sites. Make your casino online betting an enjoyable one ensuring the sites that are recognized and do not cheat the player's money.
2.Convenient and easy withdrawal and deposit alternatives: The online sites offer a range of different banking options to help players in making their withdrawals and deposit. Most online betting sites accept major credit cards like Master and Visa for both withdrawal and deposit purpose. The use of wire transfer of money from the casino account to your banking account is safe and convenient ensuring a secure play each time. Additionally, you can also select to use other e-wallet options like that of Neteller, Entropay, Click2 pay, Money bookers, My Citadel to transfer the money to or from your own casino account.
3.Promotions and Bonuses to be won online: The bonuses and promotions also form to be an attractive option for casino online betting. You will never find these options in any brick and mortar casino. It is the online casino that offers you a range of welcome or sign up bonuses, cash back bonuses, no deposit or deposit matching bonuses and more. With these freebies, you will be able to increase your bankroll at ease. In addition, you can also make use of this kind of free money to increase your cash using them in your further bets.
4.Distance does not matter in the present date: With the inclusion of the internet casinos, there is no need to travel to a faraway casino. The online sites can be conveniently reached by clicking your mouse. Thus the online casino eliminates this distance factor. It enables people who reside in a far away place to sit and enjoy their favorite games online while playing from the comforts of their home or office.
5.Play anytime from anywhere: Continuing with the fourth point, the casino online betting includes one basic advantage that is it makes gambling more easier including the opportunity of playing from anywhere and at anytime. Wherever you may be, you can just connect your pc online and get started with your favorite games.
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Making Your money with free Casino Instant Bonus

Playing at online casinos can really be fun especially if you have acquired enough skills in playing the different casino games available. If you are a novice player, you might be intimidated with the prospect of facing other players and winning or losing the funds that you are in possession of. However, online gaming is not all about winning and losing. You could also get to experience a good time with the instant casino bonus offers. The instant bonus can convert to real money once you fulfill the requirements outlined in the offer.
To qualify for the free spins offered by casino instant bonus, you need to gain at least one hundred points before the game begins. To earn the free spins, you need to meet the eligibility requirements. To meet the eligibility criteria, you need to make at least one hundred dollars online. To earn the free spins, you need to create a free-play account. In order to meet the requirements, you must first create a free-play account.
There are two ways to qualify for the casino instant bonus offers. First is by making deposits within the free welcome period. The welcome period starts after the acceptance of your account. There are usually no deposits within the free welcome period. This offers you ample time to decide whether to continue with the registration or discontinue it.
Another way to qualify for the casino instant bonus is by making deposits within the required timeframe. This timeframe starts after the acceptance of your account. The timeframe is usually two weeks or sometimes, a month. There are typically no deposits within this timeframe. Again, you would have ample time to decide whether to register for the casino or discontinue it.
With the casino instant bonus, there is a requirement for online casinos to accept all major credit cards and electronic cheques. Some casinos may also offer cheque payment but you need to check with the specific online casino. There are other online casinos that offer only the use of credit card for their casino games slot games free play. If you are a casino games player who plays casino games via the internet, it is recommended that you visit a live casino to get better bonuses and freebies. Although using your credit card to make casino games slot games free play is safe, it is still best to verify your account information before depositing funds.
Like any other promotions, some casinos may also offer you to use bonus codes to receive casino instant bonus. Free bonus wagers may be made in different casino games so you can have a variety of choices when it comes to wagering requirements. A three or four line wager is one of the easiest forms of casino games wherein the bonuses offered are simpler. However, most players prefer five or six line wagers due to the ease in accessing their bonuses.
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Quick Dragon Quest of the Stars Review before the Crossover Event (DFFOO Player Perspective)

Hello everyone! I'm a longtime DFFOO player who has recently decided to try this game after the crossover event was announced. I've been on and off DFFOO player who has made it my go-to mobile game for the past few years. With the Dragon Quest of the Stars Event coming out very soon, I thought I would give a quick review for those who might be interested in learning about the game. There is a lack of information on this game since the community and player base is so small. I've been playing the game a TON for the past 2 weeks, and I've done almost everything I possibly could. Since there hasn't been a lot of recent information about the game, I decided to share my findings and help people out who may have questions and may not know where to find answers. Hopefully, this can answer them.

What is Dragon Quest of the Stars?

Dragon Quest of the stars is a mobile gacha game that's based off the Dragon Quest series. It takes you on an adventure with a story, map, and a lot of characters you'll meet throughout the game. It's an active combat turn-based RPG, but since it's mobile, the regular attacks and auto-attacks. You only use the weapon abilities(Physical attacks, support abilities, and magic) and items. You have a team of 3 adventurers that you can customize, and you always have a 4th member who is another player's character. Think of it like this game's version of a friend support. However, they are always in your party up until you finish the boss. The game uses a class system, so the abilities and weapon proficiency changes depending on what class you are. It also uses a stamina system for everything. So events, going through the story, and farming can leave you waiting around.

The Combat

The combat is pretty fun and utilizes a lot of abilities that you gain from going through the story, events, and the gacha system. The abilities have timers for each of them. So if the weapon ability is 20CT, that means it takes 20 seconds for it to be usable, and you have to wait another 20 seconds for it to be usable again. The amount of abilities you can have is around 2 to 6, but it depends on the amount of ability slots you have on the weapon you are using. In short, the better the weapon, the more likely you will have more ability slots, as well as higher ranking ability slots for high rank abilities. Overall, the combat is enjoyable, but it can be difficult and seem unfair with the endgame content. Most of the hardest fights involve trying to stay alive the whole time by defending, healing, and using whatever support abilities you can use to stay alive and prevent damage and status effects. With the easier content, you can blast through the fights with your best abilities. It's not as in-depth as DFFOO, but it's fun and can be very engaging at times.


I enjoy the multiplayer, but it often feels like the game is dead because of the number of active players. It's pretty active when an event comes out, but it will die down after a few days, which can make it harder to find a game at times. You want to try to join games for bonus item drops, though it can be hard to join them when not a lot of players are making games. There is also a bot problem. The bots are pretty noticeable when you start to learn the ins and outs of the game. They are fine when you are a new player because they are usually overpowered, but you don't want then in your party for harder fights when you need people to use the right food before the match and pay attention. Compared to DFFOO that can feel like a chore to get all of the multiplayer events for the items you need, the multiplayer here is used to play with people for all the event encounters, and the rewards can be really nice if you are lucky with the drops.

The Gacha System

Okay, so here is the game's BIGGEST downfall. The gacha system here is bad. It makes DFFOO look like the most generous game in the world. The banner pulls drop 10 items, with one of them being a guaranteed 5-star, but not a guaranteed banner item. The rate for 5-star items is 7%, and it's a 3.5% chance for a featured item and 3.5% chance for an off-banner item. The non-banner items feel like getting off banner 15 and 35cp items while the banners may have EX and sometimes LD quality items on them. There are also a lot of trap banners, so it's hard to know which to pull on. Of course, it's not going to hurt to do a handful of pulls on any banner when you are new, but it is never worth chasing items in this game. There are purchased gem only banners that guarantee a featured item on the guaranteed 5-star, which means you can only use gems you've purchased. However, there are many items that will be good for a LONG time. You also can breakdown a weapon to put its ability on another weapon, so some of the 5-star non-banner items are not too bad to have. If there were less gem only things, more freebies, and much better drop rates for featured banner items, then I think a lot more people would enjoy the game more. There are also no freebies in the game from the banners.

Things to do in DQotS

There's not a whole lot to do in the game. It does have a JP version that's ahead of the GL version, so we know there isn't too much to come as well. Mostly there is the story mode and events that you can do. Multiplayer can make the events more fun, but it's hard to find a game to join and you have to weed out the bots if you want to do harder content. There is a casino in the game, but right now there are only 2 games and the rewards are meh as best (no falcon sword to win sadly). Leveling up your abilities, gear, and characters are a lot of fun. You can switch jobs at any time, but the job isn't too important for most of the game. You can still used a godly weapon with the best abilities on a level 1 priest and still destroy stuff (though you may die from low HP). I feel like there can be a few more things to do in the game, especially since the franchise is known for having a lot of things to do on the side.

Conclusion (TL;DR)

This is a fun and enjoyable game, but I feel like its lack of player and HORRIBLE gacha drop rates and prices hold it back. The Gacha system feels outdated and needs to be better to maintain the player base. There is also not a whole lot of things to do to keep you interested once you've caught up with the story. The combat events are fun, and even more fun with multiplayer. The stamina system also feels a bit dated coming from DFFOO. I'd say that the game overall doesn't do much of anything better than DFFOO. If I were to have to say something though, I would say maybe multiplayer(when you can find people) and the multiplayer rewards are a little better, though good drops are based off RNG. If you are a Dragon Quest fan you will love this as your side game, just know that it's not going to be a popular game among non-DQ players. I would love it if you could get banner tickets and more gems from the game. You really have to do your research to ensure you are pulling on a good banner for you if you are going to be FTP. The prices for gems are not good, not much better than DFFOO, but they have less featured gem banner or packages. (I would not suggest buying the starter gear, especially the expensive gear packs, the best one is the cheapest one and it's a healer pack). At best, this is just a fun side game for Dragon Quest fans or people who like this style of combat. If you are not, then you will start to realize that the game can be a trap with bad gacha rates and a need for more godly gear to go around so you have a reason to get new items once you get them.

About Me

I not too active on the DFFOO Reddit, but I pop in to look at posts and comment every now and then. I've played a few mobile games and I'm not an FTP player (not a big whale or anything either). I mostly buy the costumes I like and a few gem packs when they are actually good. I'm a big Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy fan, so I tend to be more attracted to these types of games.
submitted by Zedowel to DissidiaFFOO [link] [comments]

Do you still think they give a Crap?

Israeli gaming company has been acquired by the Australian casino company Aristocrat, in a deal worth $500 million.
Founded in 2009, Plarium is a mobile, social, web-based game developer. It known for its various multiplayer online games such as Vikings: War of Clans, Terminator Genisys: Future War, Soldiers, Inc., Sparta: War of Empires, and Stormfall. The company is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, with offices in Russia, Ukraine, UK, and the United States.
Aristocrat is seeking to expand into the mobile games sector in an attempt to diversify its business beyond gambling machines and casino games.
"Aristocrat has continued to deliver significant growth and outstanding results in our digital social casino business," said Aristocrat CEO Trevor Croker, as reported by "The acquisition of Plarium allows Aristocrat to expand our addressable market into logical adjacent segments in the fast growing mobile gaming market."

So do you still think they give a fuck about you? no matter how much you pay, they won't, they don't care about your tickets either, they don't care about anything aslong as money flows in.. They are a fucking Gambling Circle.. wake up Sheeple.
submitted by Pewpewparapra to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

Coral - Daily money to use on Adventures Beyond Wonderland
Quick one to add if you do daily spins elsewhere (see the free games section on this post), Coral UK have added a new daily spinner in their casino section. Valid every day until December 13th.
The following prizes will be available on the wheel:
  1. £0.10 Live Casino Bonus
  2. £0.20 Live Casino Bonus
  3. £0.50 Live Casino Bonus
  4. £1 Live Casino Bonus
  5. £5 Live Casino Bonus
Any winnings only need to be wagered once on Adventures Beyond Wonderland . So as of today (26th) you've effectively got 18 goes at this. Recommend using any winnings on the x10 or wonderspins for lower amounts (10p, 20p, 50p), or x2 / x5 for higher amounts (£1, £5) for a good risk-reward ratio (although technically no risk as it's free money to use).
You also get to see people in silly outfits talk nonsense while you wager. Good luck!
submitted by CFDDCFC3 to winemoneyuk [link] [comments]

Eskimo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Eskimo Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Eskimo Casino Gratis Spins and Free Bonus
Join Eskimo Casino and receive 110 free spins and a 100% welcome bonus. This includes 10 gratis spins a no deposit bonus! Sign up now and play for free! This is the best online casino for players in the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and Andorra!
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<
Eskimo Casino Review
Eskimo Casino features a tropical theme, which couldn’t be further from the ‘cool’ name it bears. Owned and operated by Lux Entertainment Limited, Eskimo Casino is the first and only gambling product owned by the company. Eskimo Casino is a new casino, having only launched in 2018, which means it has an uphill task of competing with long-established casinos with a worthy fan-base. However, this Maltese registered company have designed a casino with the player in mind; from easy navigation to an instant play feature. Whatever you love to place a bet on, you will find it here. The casino is accessible across all devices and again, no apps required to play on mobile or tablet devices. Customers can enjoy the casino in the English language only. Promotions-wise, there is the generous welcome offer and that’s it!
Let’s find out more in this Eskimo Casino review!
Design & Features
The design and layout of Eskimo Casino are very unique, what with an uncluttered welcome page waiting to greet you. The latest promotions will be featured to the top of the page and beneath this, is where you will find the games lobby. There is no menu or links to other sections such as promotions because there are none! The colour scheme is blue, to give a feel of an ice cool environment, but the games will soon warm you up. Head to the lower of the page and you will find a handful of links which include terms and conditions, bonuses, payment and contact.

What makes Eskimo Casino one of the best EU online casinos?

The Eskimo on the front page of this casino site is a cute cartoon girl.
We have no idea why this casino site is themed this way, other than almost all the other possible themes for casino sites are gone!
Whether or not you like this cute and approachable look there’s much more to a good casino site than just the front page illustration.
And we think that Eskimo Casino is one of the best EU online casinos and one that you should consider playing at.
This is why we think that.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino is licensed, legal and safe

Eskimo Casino is fairly new, with a birthday in 2018, but it’s got a parent company that is slightly older than that in the shape of Lux Entertainment Ltd.
They have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the most demanding authorities in the world.
They have a lot more safety and security measures in place too, including auditing and extra online security from Go Daddy, and great links to gambling safety organizations.

Eskimo Casino has the World’s Best Slots

Great titles from great providers are what most players are looking for first. So, after you’ve checked the licensing (as we insist you do), you’re going to browse their games.
There you’ll find some big-name titles like Book of Lords, Finn’s Golden Tavern, Flower Fortunes, Conan, Deco Diamonds, and Jackpot 6000.
These titles show the breadth of games on offer, taking in character games, classic retro games, and novelty titles.
It’s a great selection.

Eskimo Casino has great Live Casino Games

There are really two top quality live casino providers at the moment. They are NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.
At Eskimo Casino, you’ll find the selection from NetEnt live.
This means superb games delivered live and streaming with excellent dealers and croupiers.
The games include all your favourites, like roulette and blackjack, but also a load of variants on those titles and slightly less common games too.

Eskimo Casino Takes Great Payment Methods

To play any of those games you’ll need to have money in your account. And Eskimo allow you to cash up your account via all the industry’s current favourite payment methods.
You can use your Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as their online wallets. But also e-wallets like the industry’s faves, Neteller and Skrill as well as Paysafecard, Trustly, and more.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino has 24/7 Help

Help is the last resort for casino players. You don’t want to use it, but it needs to be there. Eskimo go a long way to reassuring you before you call them, and have a good FAQ page and a lot of information around the site.
Help is there though from a customer support team who are available around the clock whenever you fancy playing at Eskimo Casino.
Whether you’re playing video slots, slots, table games or live casino games, you can always find help at Eskimo Casino, one of the coolest sites we’ve ever seen.

Eskimo Casino Games

Amatic, Microgaming and NetEnt are the force behind the games here at Eskimo Casino. That means not as much choice as leading casinos, yet, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.
The layout of the games lobby is simple and places all the games into the following categories:
  • Popular: Here you will find the games that are played more often than others. Titles will change on a regular basis, so keep checking to see if your favourite games are listed.
  • Video slots: This list is an extensive one, offering games from adventure to sports! Avalon, Alaskan Fishing, Aloha! Cluster Pays, Ariana, Blood Suckers II, Brides Maids, Break Da Bank Again, and Burning Desire are just a few to mention.
  • Slots: In this section of the lobby you will find classic slots, those that feature bars and bells and nostalgic gameplay. Players can choose to play the classic slots with nothing but base game wins, or more modern creations with multipliers and may be even bonuses thrown in for good measure. Cash Splash, Fire & Ice, Hot Scatter, Hot Star, Jackpot 6000 and All Ways Joker are among the 30-odd titles featured.
  • Live casino: Place your bets in an atmosphere that resembles a real-life casino, when you sit at the virtual tables at Eskimo Casino. Common Draw Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Live Mobile Roulette High Roller, Live Roulette, VIP Live Blackjack, and VIP Live Roulette are the tables being beamed directly from NetEnt studios.
  • Table games: There are almost 40 different table games to choose from in this category of the games lobby. Red Dog Progressive, Punto Banco, French Roulette, Pontoon Pro – High Limit, and Caribbean Stud Poker are just a few of the more popular games being played.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Eskimo Casino welcome bonus and other promos

New customers at Eskimo Casino are welcomed with 10 free spins with no deposit required when they sign up and add a payment method. Don’t worry, nothing will be taken from your bank account unless you wish to take advantage of the welcome offer.
Once you’ve played through your freebies, you can claim a 100% casino bonus up to €100. So if you were to deposit €100, you would have a total of €200 to play with. Not only that, but an additional 100 free spins will be credited to your account and you can use them on the following slots:
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin;
  • Wild Wild West;
  • Shangri-La;
  • Aloha! Cluster Pays;
  • Joker Pro.
All bonuses (so that’s just the welcome offer and the free spins), will be subjected to a 35x wagering requirement. This means that if you were to take advantage of the full welcome offer, not only would you would need to play through any winnings accrued from the free spins, a total of 35x – but a €200 welcome bonus means an eye-watering €7000 turn over requirement before you can request a withdrawal.

Treated like a VIP?

Unfortunately, you will find no loyalty scheme no VIP program on offer at Eskimo Casino. We hope to see these added at a later date.

Banking Options

Deposit options
Funding your casino account can be done through a handful of deposit methods; Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PaysafeCard and Bank Transfer. The cashier lists useful information and pre-set value buttons, to make the depositing process an easy one. Follow the on-screen instructions and within a few minutes, you will have funds in your account.
  • Currencies accepted are: Euros.
Withdrawals at Eskimo Casino
There’s limited information on the withdrawal process, but Eskimo Casino claim to be able to sort withdrawals within a 24 hour period. Typically, all major credit and debit cards can take up to 3 working days to process. So, if Eskimo Casino can do this in under one day – then that’s fast!
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<

Safe and trusted

‘We pride ourselves at Eskimo Casino on being able to provide our customers with only the coolest, highest-quality games and our table games, including blackjack and roulette, are just the tip of the iceberg! We also offer players the opportunity to enjoy slots, video slots, live casino games and jackpot games – so there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we won’t have something to suit your gaming needs! Here at Eskimo Casino, we won’t make your blood run cold. Our RNG (Random Number Generator) games are all fully-licensed and certified and therefore our customers can rest assured that the outcomes of these games are purely random and cannot be influenced in any way.
What’s more, Eskimo Casino offers live dealer games for those customers who come to us seeking the ‘real casino’ vibe. You don’t even have to worry about getting cold feet on your way to the casino! These live dealer games are broadcast to you from state-of-the-art live casino studios so you can feel as if you’re stepping right into the glitz and glamour of a real casino without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!’
Eskimo Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), this means that the casino operates in full compliance with the rules and regulations set by the MGA.

What’s the verdict of Eskimo Casino?

Can we start with Eskimo Casino’s claim to be the ‘friendliest bonus system online’; ‘Every online casino has its own bonus system but why would you settle for something lukewarm when you could join Eskimo Casino and enjoy the coolest and friendliest bonus system of them all. Here at Eskimo Casino, your bonuses are kept available in a separate wallet. As an Eskimo Casino customer, you will always play your own cash first and if and when your cash funds are lost, you will then be able to continue playing with your bonus funds.
The advantage of this is that Eskimo Casino customers and players are never bonded to our bonus terms whilst playing with their own cash funds. If one of our customers wins big with their own cash funds, they are always then able to cancel their bonus funds and continue playing in our live online casino, or withdraw their profits.’
Now, anyone who has ever played at an online casino knows that cash is spent before bonuses, so I’m not sure how this is even considered as friendly!
There is a decent selection of games to choose from and some life-changing cash up for grabs, but the lack of bonuses and loyalty scheme are noticeable. You can tell that the company who owns Eskimo Casino don’t have much experience in the online gambling industry because they are doing nothing to keep players coming back for more. It’s all very well and good offering a generous welcome bonus, but once claimed, what do customers have to look forward to? That being said, the 5x wagering terms are hefty and I’m not sure how anyone could cash out from that.
>> Register Now and Get Free Bonuses <<
submitted by freispiele to u/freispiele [link] [comments]

This week in MMOs - Week 32

This week in MMOS

Adventure Quest Worlds | Aion | Albion | ArcheAge | Ashes of Creation | Black Desert Online | Blade and Soul | Bless | CorePunk | Crowfall | Destiny 2 | Dofus | Dungeon Fighter Online | Dungeon and Dragons Online | Elder Scrolls Online | EVE Online | Everquest | Everquest 2 | Final Fantasy XI | Final Fantasy XIV |Gloria Victis | Guild Wars 2 | Maplestory | Mabinogi | Neverwinter | Path of Exile | Pantheon Rise of the Fallen | Phantasy Star Online 2 | Project Gorgon | Realm of the Mad God | Runescape | Skyforge | Star Trek Online | Star Wars The Old Republic | Star Citizen | Tera | Lord of the Rings Online | Tibia | Tree of Savior | Trove | Vindictus | Wakfu | Warframe | World of Warcraft |

AdventureQuest World

August 4th - The BugHunters are recruiting Looking for players to assist the QA team find bugs
August 7th - NecroTech Knight Upgrade Bonus New set available when you spend $10 or more
August 7th - Demon Queen Boss Battle Indonesian independence day event


Aion North America
August 5th - Frosty Fever Event Summer PvE event - get loot or buffs
Aion Europe
August 5th - THE GREAT DAEVANION EVENT Event - higher chance to upgrade daevanion gear
August 5th - REVENGE OF THE GRANKER KING Event - kill special mobs in gelk/ing and get loot
August 7th - WHEEL OF DESTINY Loot box promotion
August 7th - WEEKEND SPECIALS Cash shop promotion

Albion Online

August 4th - New Player Video Guides AO mod created YT ch that answers common questions
August 5th - Guild Spotlight: Victi Omnes Interview with a guild
August 5th - First Look: The Rogue Adventurer Bundle Promotion for a new cash shop outfit and mount set
August 6th - Watch the Crystal League Finals on AlbionTV Guild season is coming to an end
August 7th - The Offseason Crystal Tournament is Coming Tournament announcement


August 6th - ArcheAge: Discounted Garden of the Gods Packages Cash shop sale on Garden of the Gods packs
August 7th - Up, Up and Away We Go! Cash shop update

Ashes of Creation

August 2nd - Ashes of Creation Coloring Book Downloadable coloring book
August 3rd - BOONS OF THE WAVEBORN Cash shop promotion

Black Desert Online

August 5th - Loyal Attendance Rewards Refreshed Daily attendance rewards have been changed
August 5th - Pearl Shop Update: Enhancement Pack Cash shop update + new cash shop outfit available
August 5th - Patch Notes - 5th August 2020 Bug fixes, events and class balancing
August 5th - Great Summer Festival Summer event

Blade & Soul

August 3rd - August Hongmoon Store Update Cash shop update

Bless Unleashed

August 4th - WEEKLY EVENT AUGUST 3 - 10 2X drop rate, and mount taming success event


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th


August 7th - Crowfall Beta is Coming August 11 - Prepare for Battle! Signup now for a chance to access a closed beta test

Destiny 2

August 4th - DESTINY 2 HOTFIX Minor bug fixes August 6th - THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE - 8/06/20 Weekly recap
August 7th - COMMUNITY FOCUS: DREXIS Interview with Drexis


August 5th - SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount
August 5th - ANKAMA LAUNCHER: NEW INTERFACE FOR ALL YOUR GAMES! Revamped game launcher is available
August 7th - ANKAMA LIVE: DOFUS RETRO SPECIAL EDITION Livestream and in-game event details
August 7th - THE RETURN OF GROZILLA AND GRASMERA Monster hunt event
August 7th - [CONTEST] INTERNATIONAL BOW MEOW DAY! International cat day event - screenshot contest

Dungeon Fighter Online

August 4th - DFO Content Creator Guidelines Guidelines for content creators

Dungeon and Dragons Online

August 3rd - DDO Screenshot of the Week #475 Weekly screenshot highlight

Elder Scrolls Online

August 3rd - CROWN STORE SHOWCASE—AUGUST 2020 Cash shop sale
August 6th - ANNOUNCING ESO’S NEXT-GEN SUPPORT PS5 and Xbox SX will be supported
August 6th - SAVE UP TO 50% AND PLAY FREE DURING QUAKECON AT HOME Free play week and discount on cash shop currency

EVE Online

August 4th - METALIMINAL STORMS - NEW UPDATE Spacestorms will appear at random in nullsec space
August 6th - SLICE OF LIFE Upcoming stream promotion and PvP event details
August 7th - FOUNDATION DAY EVENT IS LIVE Login, get free stuff
August 7th - NEW ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENT PvP event details
August 7th - UPCOMING ABYSSAL PROVING GROUNDS EVENTS Upcoming PvP event details


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

EverQuest 2

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Final Fantasy XI

August 3rd - Unveiling The Voracious Resurgence Special Website! Special site is up for a new storyline in the world of Vana’diel
August 5th - The Sunbreeze Festival Summer event is back
August 7th - Discount Campaign Get the game along with all the expansions for $9.99 USD
August 7th - Return home to Vana’diel campaign Returning players event
August 7th - Presenting a New Wallpaper Commemorating The Voracious Resurgence! Download a new wallpaper by Akihiro Yamada

Final Fantasy XIV

August 3rd - Watch the Latest Installment of Duty Commenced US team’s live stream.
August 3rd - FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released! Wallpapers release for mobile and desktop
August 3rd - Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIX Digest Released Dev talk replay available
August 5th - Changes to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition Heavensward added to the starter edition
August 5th - Changes to A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quest Requirements Store progression in the base game has been updated
August 6th - Patch 5.3─Reflections in Crystal Site Update Teaser site updated
August 7th - Patch 5.3 Notes (Preliminary) Patch notes for upcoming 5.3 patch

Gloria Victis

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Guild Wars 2

August 4th - Festival of the Four Winds 2020 Begins Next Week Annual summer event returns
August 4th - Cool Off under Your Ice Reaver Cape Cash shop update
August 7th - World vs. World Weeklong Bonus Returns August 14 PvP channel event


August 3rd - [Updated] Nexon Merch Store is Back! Get MS merchandise on Amazon
August 5th - Cash Shop Update for August 5 Cash shop sale/new item rotation


August 3rd - Community Livestream - 'P.E.T. Part 2' Update Preview Livestream that shows off the PET Part 2 update
August 4th - Art Corner - 2nd Edition Fan art highlight


August 5th - 2x Underdark Campaign Currency! Double currency drop event
August 6th - Limited Time Magnificent Keyring! Lootbox promotion
August 7th - Updated Roadmap Q&A Stream - August 11, 2020 Roadmap Q&A Stream on Aug 11th

Path of Exile

August 3rd - Our 3.12 Expansion Timeline Dates for upcoming content
August 3rd - Afterlife cat pet New cash shop pet available
August 4th - Harvest fan art competition highlights Featured fan art from ongoing competition
August 4th - Undead outcast helmet skin New cash shop item
August 5th - Harvest statistics: crafts, lifeforce and the avatar of the grove Stats on the most used crafts
August 5th - Doomcrow wings New cash shop item
August 6th - Community Organized Event - 8 Day Racing Gauntlet Starts on August 22nd! Racing event
August 6th - Automation lightning armour set New cash shop outfit
August 7th - Community showcase Fan art highlight
August 7th - New Skill Effects and Super Stash Sale New cash shop cosmetics

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Phantasy Star Online 2

August 3rd - FUN SCRATCH TICKET: AUGUST 2020 - PART 1 Lootbox promotion August 3rd - MISSION PASS: SEASON 6 Monthly achievement system rewards
August 3rd - AC SCRATCH TICKET: MAESTRO SUMMONER Lootbox promotion
August 4th - PSO2 ON STEAM: BONUS LOGIN REWARDS! Bonuses for logging in through steam
August 4th - CAMPAIGN: JOIN AN ALLIANCE! (8/5) Join an alliance, get rewards
August 4th - LEVEL UP FASTER WITH BONUS QUESTS! Leveling event
August 4th - CAMPAIGN: WELCOME BACK TO PSO2! Returning player event
August 5th - URGENT QUESTS & CONCERTS: AUGUST 2020 - PART 1 Event
August 5th - NEW URGENT QUEST: BEACH WARS! Summer event
August 5th - BEACH WARS BEACH-WEAR! Summer cash shop promotion
August 5th - NEW REWARDS BUNDLE FOR XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE MEMBERS! Xbox game pass ultimate members will get rewards
August 5th - NEW EPISODE 4 LAUNCH BUNDLES! Cash shop bundles
August 5th - SUMMER IN PSO2! Summer event details
August 5th - PSO2: STEAM LAUNCH REWARDS Rewards for playing through steam
August 5th - CASINO BOOSTS & BONUSES! (8/8) Casino promotion

Project Gorgon

No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Realm of the Mad God

August 4th - AuguST ST STreak - x1.5 XP and droprates! Discord Q&A! Janus is there too. 1.5x event
August 5th - Patch Notes - Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more Patch notes... duh


August 3rd - THIS WEEK IN RUNESCAPE Weekly digest
August 7th - Double XP LIVE has begun! 2x exp event


August 4th - Ready Player Sun: Free Gift & 30% Off Sale! Freebies and 30% off on the cash shop
August 5th - Sale: Hall of Trophies - August 5, 2020 Trophy sale

Star Trek Online

August 3rd - Free Lower Decks Duty Officers! Get officers from the new show to join your crew
August 3rd - PC and Console Patch Notes for 8/4/20 Events, balancing and minor fixes
August 5th - PC Patch Notes for 8/6/20 bug fixes

Star Wars: The Old Republic

August 3rd - SWTOR In-Game Events for August New events

Star Citizen

August 3rd - August 3rd - This Week in Star Citizen Weekly insight
August 4th - Portfolio: Otoni Group Lore
August 5th - ALPHA 3.10 FLIGHT & FIGHT Patch highlights
August 6th - Star Citizen Monthly Report: July 2020 Monthly update on development
August 7th - TRANSMISSION Inside star citizen stream PTU
August 7th - TRANSMISSION Weapons creation process
August 7th - Roadmap Roundup - August 7th, 2020 Dev decision insights

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

August 3rd - Get ready for TERA in 64-bit! 64bit tera client coming soon
August 3rd - Get Ready to Mask Up! Buy digital masks and support real doctors
August 6th - TERA Battle Arena Update: Gameplay Patch preview

The Lord of the Rings Online

August 4th - UPDATE 27.2 RELEASE NOTES Content update
August 7th - The LTRO Beacon Issue 170 Community spotlight


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

Tree of Savior

August 3rd - Medeina's FLEX BOX Do content, get boxes, open for loot
August 3rd - Summer TOSventure Event Summer event
August 4th - Like & Comment Event: ToS Task Force is back with Second Event! Facebook event
August 4th - World Map Reorganization World map update preview
August 4th - Update Plans for the Second Half of 2020 Update plans
August 5th - New Original Sound Tracks Available - August OST Video


August 4th - Take the Lunar Plunge until August 18 Event
August 4th - Dive into Deals for Lunar Plunge until August 18 Cash shop promotion
August 7th - Luxion’s First Arrival in August – Lasts until Aug. 10 Luxion’s store refresh


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th


August 5th - SUMMER SALES: FINAL MARK-DOWN! Merch store discount
August 6th - SHELLS AND CRUSTACEANS PACK Cash shop promotion


No new updates from August 2nd - August 8th

World of Warcraft

August 3rd - WoW Classic Ahn’Qiraj: The Scarab Lords are Rising! Join the war effort
August 4th - The Pet Battle Bonus Event Has Begun! Pet PvP event
August 4th - Jump Into This Week’s PvP Brawl: Hotmogu Weekly PvP rotation
August 4th - Explore the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Raid content available
submitted by Osirisoid to MMORPG [link] [comments]

Winspark Casino 5€ no deposit and 50 free spins (register)

Winspark Casino 5€ no deposit and 50 free spins (register)

Winspark Casino Free Bonus and Gratis Spins
Join Winspark Casino today and play best online scratch cards and slot games for free! For this purpose, click on the promo link below and collect 5€ free money or 50 free spins as a no deposit bonus. Then, play, win and keep all your profits!
>> Get No Deposit Bonus Here <<

Promotions and Bonuses at Winspark Casino

The promotions page at Winspark Casino is quite crowded, and it is not just due to the No Deposit Bonus and Welcome Bonuses. This casino has a whole lot more in store for players who show up on a regular basis for the thrill of real money gambling.
Here are some options you can take advantage of at this casino:
  • Seasonal Offers - During festive seasons like Easter, the casino runs special promo events that come with the promise of thousands of Dollars/Euros in cash prizes. They usually come with a minimum wagering requirement and cool features like unlimited rolls.
  • VIP Loyalty Program - The casino automatically enrolls you into the VIP program when you register and create a new account. This means that you can start earning bonuses almost immediately. Every $10 wager earns you one VIP point. Collect more and head to the VIP store to cash in with bonuses, rewards and more.
  • Leaderboard Tournaments - These tournaments give you some extra incentive to play your favorite slots at Winspark Casino. With every spin, you can race ahead of your fellow players at the casino and win exciting prizes!
  • Special Bonuses for Deposits - When you make a deposit using specific methods like Sofort, Skrill, or Paysafecard, Winspark casino rewards you with matching bonuses. The multiplier on these can range from 15% all the way to 25% or more!
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Winspark Casino Overview

‘Winning Happens Here’, happens to be the casino’s motto and if you are fan of instant-win lottery games, then WinSpark is sure to get your attention. In the online casino business, new does not always mean better, especially when it comes to new casino brands. Older casinos tend to have a reputation that is easy to track online. Besides, if they have survived for a long time, they must be doing some things right to attract players.
The same can be said about Winspark casino. Often, you only need one glance to identify a casino that is more than five years old - they often have sizeable gaps on both sides of the screen. Winspark is one such casino.
The background graphics on the welcome page is certainly something to look at - a small colorful planetoid floating in blue space, its surface dotted with landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Coliseum. It grabs your attention, in a good way.
The casino claims to have been launched in 2018, but we suspect that to be only partially true. Online research indicates that the casino has been around since 2008. They probably revamped and relaunched the website in 2018, which is quite usual given the speed at which casino gaming technology is progressing these days.
The casino is among the smaller operations out there, owned by a Cypriot firm and operating out of Curacao with a gaming license from that Caribbean territory. In terms of the targeted audience, Winspark Casino invites players from across the globe. This is also validated by the number of international currencies accepted here - eight in total.
As for the software platform, the casino uses the lesser known Netoplay software, which is also from Cyprus. The games selection is quite limited, as they only stock games developed in house by the software provider. But since Netoplay casinos are few and far between, the gaming experience is bound to be a change from the usual set of games you see at many multi-vendor casinos out there. They also have a decent RTP of around 95%.
One gripe we have with the casino is regarding RNG testing - according to the casino website, the games' RNG testing is carried out in-house. They should seriously consider outsourcing it to credible third-party labs if they want players to trust them.
The casino offers both a welcome bonus as well as a no deposit bonus for new players. This is not something we see often these days and full marks to the Winspark casino team for giving new players these freebies. The promotions department is also surprisingly deep, filled with several contests, and other bonuses.
Winspark is a no download, instant play casino with full support for mobile devices and tablets. This puts them squarely among the new breed of online casinos which are using HTML5 technologies to provide a smooth casino experience, right out of ordinary web browsers.
Problem gambling is to casinos what alcoholism is to liquor brands. Casinos like Winspark are trying to make a difference here, offering exclusion measures and guidelines to help players avoid this fate. The casino has also partnered with organizations like GamCare to provide support to problem gamblers.
Some important facts about Winspark Casino:
  • As is usually the case with online casinos, Winspark only accepts players who are 18+ only.
  • Only players from countries where online gambling is legal can use the casino.
  • Residents of some countries that include, and is not limited to the USA, Israel, France, South Africa, the UK, are not permitted to register due to country restrictions.
  • Players are requested to complete KYC procedures and provide ID proof before receiving any winnings.
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Software and Games at Winspark Casino

Winspark casino is quite an oddity in the world of online casinos when it comes to software and games. White label casinos are nothing new in this business. Major software companies package readymade casinos to operators who can then decorate these with unique themes and attract customers.
While Winspark is a white label casino, what makes it unique is the software provider - a Cypriot company called Netoplay. They are one of the smaller brands in this business. And as they were established in 2008, they also happen to be one of the youngest.
The main advantage of the Netoplay platform is its stability. As only a handful of casinos use this platform, it is also quite rare. Some players might like the change of pace they find here when compared to the multi-vendor casinos teeming with hundreds of the same games from the same software providers.
The platform is quite capable and can offer instant play online across multiple device types and operating systems. It is quite the modern online casino software that we have here. It is also backed by industry-standard protection software, including the latest SSL 128-bit encryptions for maximum security.
The casino does not have any download client, nor does it need one in this day and age. The instant play casino is plenty good for most client needs. They could develop Android and iPhone apps in the future though, to better attract mobile-only gamers.

Software Provider

Often, the casino software platform allows the operator to add games from other vendors to the casino. Sadly this is not the case at Winspark Casino. You only have the Netoplay bouquet of games to choose from.
Don't get us wrong - the games are quite decent. But they cannot be compared to big budget titles from the best companies like Netent and Microgaming. And there is only a handful of them, to begin with.


Virtually the entire games collection can be seen right at the welcome page of the casino. Since there are only around forty games in total at this casino, you don't have to scroll down endlessly to check out each of them.
Contrary to some reviews online, Winspark casino does not cater to the needs of every type of casino player out there. They do try hard, with a not too shabby collection of different game genres, but there are many missing categories in this casino game library.
Card games, table games, and live dealer games are conspicuous by their absence. These games like blackjack and baccarat require advanced software and game studio capabilities, which are not available to a small firm like Netoplay.
The following four categories are available at Winspark, with these games:
  • Top-Rated - Here you will find all the games across genres that are played most often at the casino. Top titles include Club Rouge, Rich Man's World, Secrets of the Jungle, Lucky Cauldron, and Wild Leprechaun.
  • Slots - Besides more than half the games mentioned in Top Rated, this category also has titles like Candy Reels, Spinning Fruits, Wild Honey, and Full moon. Most of these look like 3-reels, but we could be mistaken. In total, the casino has just 12 slots games.
  • Scratch Cards - With interesting titles like Amazin Love, Lucky Cupid, Atlantis Riches of the Deep, and Pumpkins Mansion, this category offers something different to visitors at the casino.
  • Bingo & Instant Games - yet another unique section at Winspark, these are game genres that you don’t see that often at other online casinos. Even if you do, they only have 2-3 bingo games at best. Here there are 12 different games, all with interesting names like Octopops, Bingo Club, Safe Cracker, and Fortune Wheel.
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Mobile Games at Winspark Casino

Modern instant play casinos like Winspark offer some unique features like identical experience across multiple devices and operating systems. This is a far cry from just a few years ago when you could only have the fullest online casino experience on PCs. Mobile and tablet gamers had to make do with many restrictions and a smaller games collection.
Fortunately, times have changed and mobile players find themselves on an even footing with PC and Mac users. The two main types of mobile operating systems in the world - iOS and Android - are both supported by instant play casinos.
It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone 8S, or a Galaxy S10, or any other Android device - they will all run the casino full well as long as you have a reliable internet connection with decent download speeds.

Banking at Winspark Casino

Banking is one department where the casino truly outshines the competition. The list is pretty long, with over 20 different payment options available to players at Winspark Casino. And on top of that, the casino also supports currencies like EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, CHF, NOK, AUD, CAD, FI.
Transactions at the casino are subject to the following main rules:
  • All deposits are credited instantly at Winspark casino.
  • Certain methods are only compatible with some currencies.
  • Though 20+ deposit options are available, withdrawal is only through 3 channels - VISA Credit Card, Skrill, and Bank Transfer.
  • VISA payments are only available to the max amount deposited by the player using that card.
  • Skrill and Wire Transfer can be used without this limit.
  • Bank transfer comes with a minimum withdrawal limit of $50 or €50.
  • Players have to send copies of their ID to the casino for verification before withdrawals can be processed.
At Winspark Casino you can use the following instant payment options for deposits:
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • Paysafecard
  • Cashlib
  • EPS
  • Trustpay
  • Skrill
  • Zimpler
  • Neteller
  • VISA Electron
  • VISA Debit
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Diners Club
  • Carte Bleu
  • Carta Si
  • Entropay
  • Direct eDebit/Sofort
  • Giropay
  • Mister Cash
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Interac Online
The casino has made deposits exceedingly easy. Each deposit option has a dedicated guide link next to it, making the process as painless as possible for players.
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Customer Support

The casino also scores heavily in the customer support department, offering an unprecedented four different methods for players to connect with the casino team. At most other casinos, players would be lucky to have two options. These are the contact methods available at Winspark Casino:
  • Live Chat - available at the casino website 24x7. There are two links - a link at the top of the page, and one at the bottom of every game you play at the casino.
  • Call back - if you have given accurate contact number details in your account, you can click on the "Phone" option available in your account menu. The casino team will call you immediately on your number.
  • Email - If you have any issues or queries, you can also shoot an email at this address - [email protected]
  • Telephone - The casino contact number is +35722007385
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Stelario Casino €1000 GRATIS and 200 Free Spins Bonus

Stelario Casino €1000 GRATIS and 200 Free Spins Bonus

Stelario Casino Review & Free Bonuses
Register at Stelario Casino and collect your no deposit bonus! Also, claim 300 free spins and €2100 free money in welcome bonus. Only after your first deposit, you qualify for a 100% up to €1000 and 200 free spins! No bonus code needed! No download required! Fast payments and withdrawals!
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About Stelario Casino [Review]

In this guide, we will walk you through the best way for you to maximize your Stelario casino experience and answer questions you have such as: How/where do I sign up? What bonus (es) and other freebies are available for me when I sign up? How easy is the site to navigate, both on PC and mobile? What payment options are available for me? How reliable and efficient is their customer care service if/when I have any issues? These and many more questions will be answered by us in this guide, keep reading to have all your questions answered about Stelario Casino!

Design and Layout

The first time you open the Stelario homepage you will be struck by the bright colors and the fun, interactive layout. It is obvious at a glance that the site is optimized for mobile device users to navigate as easily as the PC users and the “create account”, “login”, “featured games” icons are visible. There’s also a “language” icon that allows you to switch between English, German, Norwegian, Polish and a few other languages easily.
The main difference between the PC and mobile layout is that the welcome bonus options are all up there on the screen while with mobile, the options can be accessed by tapping an arrow in each direction because of the smaller screen. Some of the featured games are also right there on the page and the graphics used are very inviting (I had to check out some of the games immediately just because of the graphics!).

Stelario Casino Bonus and Free Spins

There are three bonus options with Stelario casino: €300 plus 300 free spins, €500 plus 200 free spins and €700 plus 50 free spins. For those who don’t know what a free spin is, free spins are freebies given out by casinos to new users, allowing you to spin a specified number of reels without anything being deducted from your casino account. Depending on the initial payment made, you will be given a number of free spins. When your number of free spins has been exhausted, the amount will be deducted from your casino balance every time you play a new round/spin.
Bonuses can have a disadvantage though – you are required to make several wagers till you get to an agreed number when you’ll finally be able to withdraw your winnings. An advantage of these bonuses, however, is that you can play for a longer period of time and since you’re basically playing with free money, you can take more risks before you actually have to use your money which means you have a legit chance to win a huge sum of money. Some people choose to skip the bonus totally so they can withdraw any winnings immediately and for others who prefer to not deposit at all (you can get free spins just by registering an account with Stelario), check out our free spins no deposit page.
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Stelario Casino Games

There are several awesome casino games on the Stelario website such as: Who wants to be a millionaire mystery box, Take the Bank, Pyramid King and Wild West Gold among others. Other categories include: Jackpots (Sun of Egypt 2, Jade Treasure, Dancing Lions, and African Sunset etc.), Table Games (Casino Solitaire, Mini Baccarat, and Blackjack 3 Box and Punto Banco etc.), Slot games (Western Reels, Vegas Nights, Sinbad, The Emperor’s Tomb and The Legend of Shaolin etc.) and Live casino games (Monopoly live, Bet on TeenPatti live, 32 cards live and Casino Hold ‘em etc.).

Customer Support

If you run into any issue you cannot handle yourself/isn’t covered here, the next thing to do would be to get in touch with the customer support unit by initiating a live chat. If you’re using your mobile device, the icon (in the form of a purple and white dialog box) is on the lower right hand side of the screen. To start a chat with the customer support, click the dialog box and select one of the three language departments available then click on “start chat”, after submitting the form you wait for the page to load and soon after you can chat with a customer support rep.
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Payment Options

There are several payment options available for Casino users to complete deposits and withdrawals such as VISA, MasterCard, ecoPayz, Neosurf, Skrill, Qiwi, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Neteller etc. Out of these options, the most well-known are VISA and MasterCard; the two biggest charge card companies in the world. The others are not as well-known but you can find reviews for some of them here: Neteller, Skrill, and Ecopayz.

Other Stelario Features

Coins: This feature gives users the chance to earn coins by competing in tournaments and winning coins. These coins can then be exchanged for bonuses.
Bonus Shop: Here, coins earned can be exchanged for either free spins or loyalty points. You can also convert your free spins to loyalty points here, and vice versa. Bonus money can also be exchanged for real money and withdrawn through one of the payment methods that support withdrawals.
Promotions: There are three different bonuses available for users; the welcome bonus that gives the user 200 free spins and gives the user 100% bonus for first-time deposits with a €20 minimum and a €1000 maximum limit, the reload bonus that gives the user a 60% bonus for deposits with a €20 minimum and €600 maximum limit and the last bonus gives users a 10% bonus for deposits with a €10 minimum and a €500 maximum limit.
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Stelario Casino Summary

Stelario casino is perfectly suited for both PC and mobile users as the page layout has been optimized for both mediums. To start using it, click on the signup icon at the top of the page, follow the prompts and log back in after you have successfully signed up and verified your email address. You can then deposit funds with any of the payment methods available and then you’re free to enjoy the delights of the website. If you have any problems that this guide has not answered, you can contact customer support by clicking on the purple and white link. Enjoy your time at Stelario casino!
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