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Dear partners! Our company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with a network of large casinos in the U.S., Las Vegas!

Dear partners! Our company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with a network of large casinos in the U.S., Las Vegas!
Dear partners! Our company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with a network of large casinos in the U.S., Las Vegas! Within the framework of the memorandum, Si14 AG plans to install terminals to conclude transactions for sports events online. Si14 AG is actively developing software for terminals and will present them to our users soon. Si14Bet platform using terminal network installation in the USA will be able to increase the liquidity of the exchange for sports events many times. Dear partners, You also have the opportunity to become a co-founder of Si14 AG. Our company is conducting the second investment stage of selling the company's share. You can leave a request for consultation at info[email protected]. Follow our news and join in the success story. For more information, please visit #Si14 #betfair #bet365 #Si14Bet #oods #livebetting #soccerbetting #bettingtip #soccerbetting #bookies #bettingexchange #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #rich #bookmaker #sportsgambling #millionaire #billionaire #makemoney #moneyonline #bettingexchang #bettingexperts #onlinesport #onlinesport #casino
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It is a large casino

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“It is a very large casino...”

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First time posting my art here. I made a villain for my comic, ‘Robot Circus’. Meet King K.Zino! A cyborg fox who runs a large Casino to contrast the main circus in the story.

First time posting my art here. I made a villain for my comic, ‘Robot Circus’. Meet King K.Zino! A cyborg fox who runs a large Casino to contrast the main circus in the story. submitted by Mega_Star0 to furry [link] [comments]

Blink it and you'll miss it - in Hitman: Blood Money's mission, "House of Cards", Muhammad Bin Faisal subtly says - "This is a large casino, it's a very large casino". This is a subtle nod to the fact that casino is in fact quite large, which showcases Faisal's brilliant observation skills.

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I (33f) got my fiance (33m) a job as a cook at a large casino and had all my speculations on gender bias confirmed. How do I approach my employer about this?

I (33f) have been a cook for the last 14 years. 13 of those years were spent working for a corporate catering company. I never went to culinary school but I've busted my ass over the years, learning as much as I can to improve my skills. I always got stellar reviews with my previous employer. It was always easy for me to transfer accounts when I wanted to and be able to move up the ladder. About 6 years into working for my previous employer, my district manager took a special interest in me, trained me and promoted me to chef manager in one of their small accounts. Once I saw the pay rate for all of my employees, and the previous chef manager, I realized just how big the gender pay gap was. For instance, the previous chef manager at the same account I was doing the exact same job at had the same amount of experience I had but was being paid $3 more per hour than I was.
Unfortunately, after 3 years of successfully managing that account, the company lost that account's contract to a lower bidder. When that happened, I was forced to take a step back and $1/hour pay cut. I spent the following 4 years after that busting my ass every day only to be continually passed up on promotions that were given to a man with less experience. My managers always loved me and gave me great reviews each year... But it just didn't seem to be enough because I was female. Or at least that's how it seemed. How could I continually be praised about great work ethic and my talents only to passed up for promotions? 4 months ago I decided I finally had enough of this. I had been passed up for yet another promotion that once again had been given to a man. After discussing it with my fiance (33m) I put in my two weeks notice without even having another job lined up. I just knew it was time to go.
Within a matter of a week I landed a cooking job at a large Casino. I was taking a $1/hr pay cut, but was told after a 90 day review we could discuss a pay increase. There are endless opportunities for advancement. This job really is a great opportunity. I got put at the lower end of the dining services (the cheaper restaurants that do cheesesteaks, fried foods and grilled cheese) which wasn't what I hoped for but I always put my best foot forward at work. I love being a cook. I take pride in my work. I truly am trying to make a career out of this. I don't believe in saying "that's not my job" because I believe it's an opportunity to possibly learn something new. The more knowledge I have, the more valuable I am.
I like the job. All of my managers like me. Anybody that's above me, that has seen me work, has spoken highly of me. I talked to my fiance into applying for a position. Once I told my executive chef my fiance had applied, he brought him in for an interview and hired him on spot. When my fiance told me how much they were paying him, it felt like they slapped me in the face. They're paying him the same rate as me, with the same deal for a raise after 90 days.. but he only has 5 years of experience compared to my 14! Not only that, but he hasn't been in a kitchen in 8 years. He was a carpet installer.
On top of the fact that they are paying us the same rate, they gave him a better position! He's working in the restaurants I wanted to work in doing the jobs I wanted to do. I can't help but feel slighted. My fiance said the executive chef spent his entire interview praising me.
My 90 days are off and I'm due for a review. I know myself and I know I'm going to bring this up. I can't let this go. I now have a daily reminder that what's been holding me back all these years is my vagina! My fiance knows how I feel. He says he feels like he can't even talk to me about work. I told him that I am happy he got a great position and pay but it's hard having a daily reminder that I'm not good enough because I'm a woman.
Any suggestions on how I can tactfully bring up gender bias and pay gap to my employer? Also looking for suggestions on how to keep this from putting a wedge in my relationship?
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This is a very large casino.

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I am a Dealer at a very large Casino. I have dealt in Major Poker Tournaments, large cash games and extremely high limit Black Jack. AMA

I have received many questions about my biggest tip. I am not allowed to accept them under state law. The largest tip I have been offered was $500 by an American after a relatively small win.
The wait staff is allowed to accept tips however and I have heard stories of $50,000+ tips in the private gaming areas.
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In your opinion, which large casino rewards program do you think is best?

I have TR, M Life, and Grazie, but since I live close to a TR casino, that's who I gamble with the most when I'm in Vegas because of all the comps I receive.
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Any tips to improve gps accuracy on iphone while stuck indoors? Going to a large casino tomorrow, have had difficulty there in the past.

Searching online, I found Android advice, but nothing iphone related.
I've been to this casino before, and it has poor cell signal inside. If I put the casino wifi on, my avatar barely moves, yet I'm walking many km going from pokestop to pokestop.
I end up toggling wifi on/off, restarting, going out an exit, etc.Nothing seems to help!
Thanks for any advice!
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I am a table games supervisor in a V.I.P. area of a large casino, AmA

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I am a valet attendant at a large casino. AMA

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Fire Breaks Out on Large Casino Boat off Florida (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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[Local] - Sacramento-area tribe to build large casino resort in Elk Grove

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[Local] - Sacramento-area tribe to build large casino resort in Elk Grove | SF Chronicle

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Jon Ralston: "I'm told Hillary has won all six at-large (casino) sites. Thanks, Harry."

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Are the large casinos broken?

I'm trying to get a gambling city going. I have 300k+ (all wealth groups are represented) sims living in my town and lots of tourism. Yet I seem to fail to attract any sims to any casinos other than the small gambling house. All my small gambling houses make good profit as soon as I put them down, but any of the three larger ones just looses more and more the longer they stay in business.
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What happened to the new wave of 'large' casinos?

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"Large casinos aren't profitable" they said.

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i was almost kidnapped in a las vegas casino when i was 11

i was 11, almost turning 12, and my family decided to go to america for a holiday where we stayed in las vegas for a few days at the stratosphere hotel. the hotel is split between hotel rooms and a large casino that we’d sometimes had to walk through to get out of the hotel.
one night, my parents had to go do something and they told me to just wait there (so stupid of them). it had been quite a while and they still hadn’t returned. later, a black woman, probably in her late 20s, approached me and asked me if i could accompany her in the elevator because she had a fear of them. my first thought, as a naive 11 year old, was to of course agree, as i loved being a helping hand to other people. however, i wanted to tell my parents where i had gone so that they didn’t have to worry where i went when they came back. i told the lady this and then went on a quest to find my parents in this vegas casino alone, not really sure where they had gone, but wanting to find them fast because i didn’t want to keep the lady waiting.
i couldn’t find my parents so i just decided to go back and accompany the lady anyway, since i had nothing better to do and would probably be back before my parents got back. to my dismay, when i returned, she had gone. soon after, my parents had finally come back and they explained that she most likely was going to kidnap me but left because i said i would tell my parents. in retrospect, i find it completely stupid to leave an 11 year old alone in a las vegas casino for 20+ minutes. it was a recipe for disaster and god knows what would have happened had the lady still been there!
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Economy thread

Hi all, created thread on the Economy of EoS. I did a bit of work last night trying to understand customers, how word of mouth works and card bonuses. Proposing to put some of my findings here and hope that any comments below can be included.

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Legalized gambling is a bad idea and overall bad for the community

I want to make clear I am not opposed to gambling on moral grounds. If a person wants to gamble for recreation and/or social reasons and they can afford to lose the money that is perfectly fine in my book. Legal casinos however, especially large casino-resort areas, are overall bad for the community. They’re a magnet for scofflaws, organized crime, drug/human trafficking, and con artists alike. They cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build, often including subsidies and sweetheart tax deals from state and local government. The casinos may take decades to pay back the government, if they ever do at all, with management using shady tax loopholes and outright theft to hide their income. Jobs the casinos provide are usually low-paying and have poor or non-existent benefits. Their construction often involves razing poor neighborhoods and taking space that could be used for low-income housing or other services. Casinos like to pretend to market to the glitzy and glamorous elite, but (similar to the lottery) gambling most often amounts to a tax on the poor and under-educated who would not be eligible for income/property taxes otherwise. The part of the casino income that does not go into the pockets of the aforementioned criminals, anyway.
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VERY LARGE CASINO Hitfur Blood Money - YouTube

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